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127 Hours by A.R. RahmanYear: 2010rating: 8


Act Of Valor by Nathan FurstYear: 2012rating: 7
A Single Man by Abel Korzeniowski & Shigeru UmebayashiYear: 2010rating: 10
The A-Team by Alan SilvestriYear: 2010rating: 7
The Adjustment Bureau by Thomas NewmanYear: 2011rating: 9
The Adventures Of Tintin by John WilliamsYear: 2011rating: 8
Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer by Knut Avenstroup HaugenYear: 2010rating: 7
Age of Heroes by Michael Richard PlowmanYear: 2011rating: 8
Alice by Ben MinkYear: 2010rating: 5
Alpha and Omega by Chris BaconYear: 2010rating: 8
Azureus Rising by Edwin WendlerYear: 2010rating: 9


Battle: Los Angeles by Brian TylerYear: 2011rating: 9
Beastly by Marcelo ZarvosYear: 2011rating: 8
Beauty and the Beast by Alan MenkenYear: 1991rating: 10
Being Flynn by Badly Drawn BoyYear: 2012rating: 7
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Thomas NewmanYear: 2011rating: 9
Big Miracle by Cliff EidelmanYear: 2012rating: 8
Biutiful by Gustavo SantaolallaYear: 2010rating: 7
Black Gold by James HornerYear: 2011rating: 8
The Book Of Eli by Atticus RossYear: 2010rating: 6
Brake by Brian TylerYear: 2012rating: 7
Brotherhood by Dan MaroccoYear: 2011rating: 7


Camelot by Jeff Danna & Mychael DannaYear: 2011rating: 8
Captain America: The First Avenger by Alan SilvestriYear: 2011rating: 9
Carmel-by-the-sea by Jim DooleyYear: 2011rating: 9
Ceremony by Eric D. JohnsonYear: 2010rating: 6
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by David ArnoldYear: 2010rating: 8
Columbus Circle by Brian TylerYear: 2012rating: 7
Conan The Barbarian 3D by Tyler BatesYear: 2011rating: 7
The Conspirator by Mark IshamYear: 2010rating: 7
Contagion by Cliff MartinezYear: 2011rating: 6
Contraband by Clinton ShorterYear: 2012rating: 5
Copernicus' Star by Abel KorzeniowskiYear: 2009rating: 10
Cowboys & Aliens by Harry Gregson-WilliamsYear: 2011rating: 7
Crysis 2 by Hans Zimmer, Borislav Slavov and Tillman SillescuYear: 2011rating: 9
Cyborg: The Director's Cut by Tony Riparetti & Jim SaadYear: 1989rating: 8


Dawning by Nathaniel LevisayYear: 2009rating: 8
Dawn Of The Dragonslayer by Panu AaltioYear: 2011rating: 9
Dead Space 2 by Jason GravesYear: 2011rating: 7
Dear Esther by Jessica CurryYear: 2012rating: 8
Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol by Murray GoldYear: 2010rating: 9
Doctor Who Series 5 by Murray GoldYear: 2010rating: 10
Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark by Marco Beltrami & Buck SandersYear: 2011rating: 7
Dragon Age 2 by Inon ZurYear: 2011rating: 8
Drive by Cliff MartinezYear: 2011rating: 7
Drive Angry by Michael WandmacherYear: 2011rating: 7
Dr. Seuss' The Lorax by John PowellYear: 2012rating: 8
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night by Klaus Badelt & Andrew RaiherYear: 2011rating: 7


The Eagle by Atli OrvarssonYear: 2011rating: 8
The Expendables by Brian TylerYear: 2010rating: 8


Fair Game by John PowellYear: 2010rating: 7
Fast Five by Brian TylerYear: 2011rating: 8
Final Destination 5 by Brian TylerYear: 2011rating: 7
Footnote by Amit PoznanzkyYear: 2011rating: 7
Fright Night by Ramin DjawadiYear: 2011rating: 9
Fringe Season 2 by Chris TiltonYear: 2011rating: 9


Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance by David SardyYear: 2012rating: 5
The Ghost Writer by Alexandre DesplatYear: 2010rating: 7
Gone by David BuckleyYear: 2012rating: 7
The Great Miracle by Mark McKenzieYear: 2011rating: 9
Green Lantern by James Newton HowardYear: 2011rating: 6
The Grey by Marc StreitenfeldYear: 2012rating: 5


Hanna by The Chemical BrothersYear: 2011rating: 5
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 by Alexandre DesplatYear: 2010rating: 9
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 by Alexandre DesplatYear: 2011rating: 9
Hawk by Stuart HancockYear: 2011rating: 9
Haywire by David HolmesYear: 2012rating: 5
Heartless by David JulyanYear: 2009rating: 7
Homefront by Matthew HarwoodYear: 2011rating: 8
Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs Evil by Murray GoldYear: 2011rating: 7
HOP by Christopher LennertzYear: 2011rating: 7
Hostel Part III by Frederik WiedmannYear: 2011rating: 8
How To Train Your Dragon by John PowellYear: 2010rating: 9
The Hunger Games by James Newton HowardYear: 2012rating: 7


I Am Number Four by Trevor RabinYear: 2011rating: 7
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus by Jeff Danna & Mychael DannaYear: 2009rating: 8
Inception by Hans ZimmerYear: 2010rating: 9
The Innkeepers by Jeff GraceYear: 2012rating: 5
Insidious by Joseph BisharaYear: 2011rating: 9
In Treatment by Richard MarvinYear: 2011rating: 7
Invincible by Two Steps From HellYear: 2010rating: 10
Ironclad by Lorne BalfeYear: 2011rating: 8
Iron Man 2 by John DebneyYear: 2010rating: 8


Jane Eyre by Dario MarianelliYear: 2011rating: 9
John Carter by Michael GiacchinoYear: 2012rating: 9
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island by Andrew LockingtonYear: 2012rating: 9


The Karate Kid by James HornerYear: 2010rating: 9
Killzone 3 by Joris De ManYear: 2011rating: 8
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning by Grant KirkhopeYear: 2012rating: 6
The King's Speech by Alexandre DesplatYear: 2010rating: 8
Kung Fu Panda 2 by Hans Zimmer & John PowellYear: 2011rating: 8


La Herencia Valdemar II: La Sombra Prohibida by Arnau BatallerYear: 2010rating: 8
The Land That Time Forgot: The Fantasy Film Music of Chris Ridenhour by Chris RidenhourYear: 2011rating: 8
The Last Airbender by James Newton HowardYear: 2010rating: 10
Leap Year by Randy EdelmanYear: 2010rating: 8
Legion by John FrizzellYear: 2010rating: 7
Leverage by Joseph LoDucaYear: 2010rating: 8
Limitless by Paul Leonard-MorganYear: 2011rating: 8
Lineage 2: Goddess Of Destruction by Various ArtistsYear: 2011rating: 8
The Lincoln Lawyer by Cliff MartinezYear: 2011rating: 8
Little Fockers by Stephen TraskYear: 2010rating: 7
Lost Season One by Michael GiacchinoYear: 2006rating: 9


Man On A Ledge by Henry JackmanYear: 2012rating: 7
Marco W. by Mark Anthony YaegerYear: 2011rating: 9
Mars Needs Moms by John PowellYear: 2011rating: 8
The Mechanic by Mark IshamYear: 2011rating: 7
Mirror Mirror by Alan MenkenYear: 2012rating: 8
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus: The Monster Film Music of Chris Ridenhour by Chris RidenhourYear: 2011rating: 9
Monster Mutt by Chris WaldenYear: 2011rating: 8


No Strings Attached by John DebneyYear: 2011rating: 8


One For The Money by Deborah LurieYear: 2012rating: 5


Paul by David ArnoldYear: 2011rating: 8
Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Christophe BeckYear: 2010rating: 8
Piranha 3D by Michael WandmacherYear: 2010rating: 8
Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides by Hans Zimmer & Rodrigo Y GabrielaYear: 2011rating: 8
Predators by John DebneyYear: 2010rating: 7
Priest by Christopher YoungYear: 2011rating: 9
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time by Harry Gregson-WilliamsYear: 2010rating: 7
Puss In Boots by Henry JackmanYear: 2011rating: 8



The Raid: Redemption by Mike Shinoda and Joseph TrapaneseYear: 2011rating: 7
Rango by Hans ZimmerYear: 2011rating: 8
Red Lights by Victor ReyesYear: 2012rating: 7
Red Riding Hood by Brian Reitzell and Alex HeffesYear: 2011rating: 7
Red Tails by Terence BlanchardYear: 2012rating: 6
Resident Evil: Afterlife by TomandandyYear: 2010rating: 8
Rio by John PowellYear: 2011rating: 8
Rise of the Planet of the Apes by Patrick DoyleYear: 2011rating: 7
The Rite by Alex HeffesYear: 2011rating: 8
The Road by Nick Cave & Warren EllisYear: 2009rating: 8
Robin Hood by Marc StreitenfeldYear: 2010rating: 8
The Roommate by John FrizzellYear: 2011rating: 7


Safe House by Ramin DjawadiYear: 2012rating: 6
Salmon Fishing In The Yemen by Dario MarianelliYear: 2011rating: 7
Salt by James Newton HowardYear: 2010rating: 8
Sanctum by David HirschfelderYear: 2011rating: 8
Scream 4 by Marco BeltramiYear: 2011rating: 8
Shark Night 3D by Graeme RevellYear: 2011rating: 8
Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows by Hans ZimmerYear: 2011rating: 8
Sherlock Series One by David Arnold and Michael PriceYear: 2012rating: 7
Sherlock Series Two by David Arnold and Michael PriceYear: 2012rating: 7
Shogun 2: Total War by Jeff Van DyckYear: 2011rating: 6
Shrek Forever After by Harry Gregson-WilliamsYear: 2010rating: 9
The Shrine by Ryan ShoreYear: 2010rating: 6
Silent Hill: Downpour by Daniel LichtYear: 2012rating: 7
Skyline by Matthew MargesonYear: 2010rating: 9
Smallville by Mark Snow & Louis FebreYear: 2011rating: 7
The Social Network by Trent Reznor & Atticus RossYear: 2010rating: 8
SOCOM 4 by Bear McCrearyYear: 2011rating: 8
Source Code by Chris BaconYear: 2011rating: 7
Soul Surfer by Marco BeltramiYear: 2011rating: 9
The Spy Next Door by David NewmanYear: 2010rating: 8
Stake Land by Jeff GraceYear: 2010rating: 8
Submarine by Andrew HewittYear: 2010rating: 9
Super by Tyler BatesYear: 2011rating: 9
Super 8 by Michael GiacchinoYear: 2011rating: 7


Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx by David James NielsenYear: 2011rating: 8
There Be Dragons - Secretos De Pasion by Robert FolkYear: 2011rating: 8
These Amazing Shadows by Peter GolubYear: 2011rating: 7
The Thing by Ennio MorriconeYear: 1982rating: 8
The Thing by Marco BeltramiYear: 2011rating: 9
Thor by Patrick DoyleYear: 2011rating: 9
The Three Musketeers by Paul HaslingerYear: 2011rating: 8
Titanic (Collector's Anniversary Edition) by James HornerYear: 1997rating: 9
The Town by Harry Gregson-Williams and David BuckleyYear: 2010rating: 7
Transformers: Dark of the Moon by Steve JablonskyYear: 2011rating: 9
Transformers Prime Season One by Brian TylerYear: 2012rating: 9
The Tree Of Life by Alexandre DesplatYear: 2011rating: 8
Tron Legacy by Daft PunkYear: 2010rating: 9
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse by Howard ShoreYear: 2010rating: 9
Twisted Metal by Various ArtistsYear: 2012rating: 8


Underworld: Awakening by Paul HaslingerYear: 2012rating: 7
Unknown by John Ottman & Alexander RuddYear: 2011rating: 6
Unstoppable by Harry Gregson-WilliamsYear: 2010rating: 9


The Vow by Rachel Portman & Michael BrookYear: 2012rating: 8


The Ward by Mark KilianYear: 2011rating: 8
War Horse by John WilliamsYear: 2011rating: 9
Water For Elephants by James Newton HowardYear: 2011rating: 8
The Way Back by Burkhard DallwitzYear: 2010rating: 8
W.E. by Abel KorzeniowskiYear: 2011rating: 8
White Lion by Philip MillerYear: 2010rating: 7
Winnie The Pooh by Henry JackmanYear: 2011rating: 9
The Wolfman by Danny ElfmanYear: 2010rating: 9
The Woman In Black by Marco BeltramiYear: 2012rating: 8
Wonderful World by Craig RicheyYear: 2009rating: 7


X-Men: First Class by Henry JackmanYear: 2011rating: 8


Yoko by Mark Anthony YaegerYear: 2012rating: 8
Your Highness by Steve JablonskyYear: 2011rating: 9