About Soundtrack Geek Awards

Soundtrack Geek Awards is an annual award show made by soundtrack fans for soundtrack fans. The first Soundtrack Geek Awards was in January 2011 and it is now in it’s 5th year. It is usually published in mid- to late January each year and celebrates film, TV and game music from the past year.

How does the scores get selected for nomination?
Every score that has had an official soundtrack release in the past year (From Jan 1 to Dec 31) will be included. The exception is when the score is for a film, TV show or game that was released 2 years prior to the release date.

Some examples:
If a score was released on Dec 2 2015, and the film, TV or game is from 2014, it’s accepted.

If a score was released on Jun 28 2015, and the film, TV or game is from 2013, It’s not accepted.

What about Limited releases from specialty labels?
Yes, the awards has not had a category for those ,but I am now happy to announce that starting from next year’s awards there will be special categories for limited releases. Not only that, we will also feature non-limited releases that is too old to be featured in the normal categories.

How does the scores get nominated?
Currently there are 3 ways. The first and most important is the Top Scores Critic’s Choice list for that year. This will determine about 70% of which score will nominated. The Top Scores Critic’s Choice is a list of what 20+ soundtrack review sites think of the scores. The 30% will be determined by our panel of 2 people, Jørn Tillnes of Soundtrack Geek and Mihnea Manduteanu of Soundtrack Dreams.

Finally, a question we get asked quite a lot… How do you get your scores submitted for the awards?
Right, all you labels, PR people and composers, here’s what you do…

Fill out this form!

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