About Soundtrack Reviews

How Is Geek Score calculated?
Every cue gets a rating from 20 to 100 and Geek Score is simply an average of the total rating.

How is Total Minutes Of Excellence calculated?
It’s the total number of 5 star cues on each score, or rather how many minutes of enjoyment you get out of a score.

Example: 24: Seasons Four and Five by Sean Callery.
4 cues earns 5 stars:
1. 24 Main Title
8. Jack’s Woman
14. Lynn McGill’s Sacrifice
21. Tony’s Farewell

In total, those 4 cues adds up to 13.82 minutes which means that Total Minutes Of Excellence (TMOE) is 13.82

How is Album Excellence calculated?
It’s the percentage of 5 star cues present on an album.

Example: In 24: Seasons Four and Five we have 13.82 minutes of 5 star cues. The score is 74 mintues long so Album Excellence is 13.82 divided by 74. In this case it is 19%. I would say that if a score has over 50% it’s worth paying the full price of the album, otherwise you might check out individual cues instead.


That’s more of a novelty thing. If Album Excellence is over 50% I say Buy, if not, I say stream. By that I mean if over half the score is excellent, then buy the whole thing, if not, buy single cues or stream the cues where it’s available legally like Spotify, Tidal, Google Music etc. Of course, there’s a big flaw here. A lot of my reviews aren’t available to stream anywhere, that’s where the novelty part comes in. It’s more of a classic Buy, yes or no kind of thing, but I thought that streaming is such a big word these days I might as well use that because I want every score to be heard, good or bad. Let me be absolutely clear though that by streaming, I mean from legal alternatives and if that’s not available. Tough luck ;).

UPDATE: People just found this confusing so I decided to remove this from new reviews.

Finally, the most important thing: I Only review the score cues so the ratings reflects that. Songs are ignored. For the sake of the Soundtrack Index I now only include the tracks in the actual film score in my final ratings. So extras are out (but I will mention them in my reviews).


  • I’ve been looking through the first few pages of your reviews and I came across both X-Men The Last Stand and Afrika…both were rated above 80% and X-Men actually beet Afrika by a couple of %points (in regards to album excellence) and yet you suggest we buy Afrika , but stream X-Men. My question is how do you make the Stream vs. Buy decision if it’s not off of total album excellence?

      • I remember reading that, but I found it somewhat improbable that I had somehow stumbled on the only error. Good! At least I’m no longer confused.


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