Brian Tyler Month: Finishing The Game

Brian Tyler Month: Finishing The Game

This is Brian Tyler having some fun with the funky 70s and the martial arts films being made in that era. The tracks are funky as hell, but they don’t necessarily have that 70s sound, but it’s still a fun imitation. The fun is limited to the funky 70s cues though, the rest are OK.

At a glance:

Year: 2007
19 tracks
42 minutes of score
Geek Score: 91.5
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 24.7
Album Excellence: 59%
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How are the scores calculated and what does it mean?

1. Finishing The Game
2. Ready Or Not
3. Muthalongah
4. Golden Gate Guns
5. Breeze Funktorium Reject
7. Sizzle Style
8. Get On The Bus
9. Poon, Troy Poon
11. Get Down Saranghina
16. I Ain’t Gonna Do Your Laundry
17. Golden Gate Guns Intro
19. Get On The Breeze Pocket

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  • Gary Muldoon

    Funky funk fa funk funk funk. What I’m trying to say is… this score was funky.