Most Anticipated Soundtracks Of 2013

Most Anticipated Soundtracks Of 2013

We are at the end of 2012 and it’s customary to look back at the year that’s nearly over and reminisce of the good and the bad. I’ve decided to take a peek in the future to see what great things are coming our way in 2013..

So here are my possibly weird choices for 2013 film scores I just can’t wait to listen to.


10. Death Race: Inferno by Trevor Morris

Ever since Paul Haslinger’s exciting and kick-ass score to the first Death Race, I’ve been following this series and the music never disappoints. Death Race: Inferno is the third film in the “new” series I believe and this time, a long time TV scoring favourite of mine Trevor Morris takes the helm. I am very excited about this because through Morris TV scores and particularly his video game scores has proven that he can be bold and bad-ass and that’s what this film needs. The chance of a score actually materialising is unfortunately not very likely because the film will not be mainstream enough. Please make it happen though!


09. Postman Pat: The Movie by Rupert Gregson-Williams

I know what you are thinking… WTF? Here’s the thing though, it is purely a sentimental thing for me. Postman Pat was my go-to guy on television growing up and I enjoyed his adventures with his red car and black and white cat. The main title by Bryan Daly is catchy as hell and the score is actually not bad for this 1981 kids show. Rupert Gregson-Williams has been a hit and miss guy for me, but his best work has been for movies made for children and overgrown children like myself. I simply can’t wait to hear Rupert’s interpretation of this work from my early childhood.


08. Oz: The Great and Powerful by Danny Elfman

Here we have a possibly great fantasy film directed by Sam Raimi and Danny Elfman is scoring. That’s really everything you need to know to be excited about it. Elfman and Raimi has worked together in the past and some great music has come of it. I feel that this is more into Elfman territory where he can excel if he wants to, and you know he is capable of writing the most wonderful music and themes for this type of movie so I say bring it on!


07. The Lone Ranger by Hans Zimmer

Yep, that Hans Zimmer. At first, everyone thought Jack White would do the score, but it didn’t really make sense. I think the wording of the first PR attempt was a bit twisted because I always thought he would just be there creating some songs for the film, but not compose an actual score. In the latest trailer, it was revealed that Hans Zimmer is doing the score and that got me very excited. You have Johnny Depp in yet another quirky role and this film’s Jack Sparrow and then you have the director Gore Verbinski who worked with both Zimmer and Depp for the film Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End. Ok, so they also collaborated on Rango which wasn’t exactly their cup of tea, but now they are back with some western action and comedy and this is where they all excel. Let’s hope it will be a thunderous score!


06. Iron Man 3 by Brian Tyler

Yeah, you know were this is going. It is like the film and music gods got together to create the perfect matchup. What could possibly match better than Brian Tyler and Iron Man? It’s metal, it’s hard, it’s action, it’s going to be awesome! The first Iron Man score by Ramin Djawadi had it’s moments, the second Iron Man score by John Debney was quite exciting, but there’s still a lot of work to be done to really break the barrier. I feel that Brian Tyler might have the opportunity of a lifetime to create possibly the best action score of 2013 if the director allows him.


05. Oblivion by M83

It’s true, I’m a long-time fan of M83 and I always felt that they would have been a wonderful match for film scoring. Their melodies are almost always catchy and composed to almost perfection. Oblivion is also a big Hollywood sci-fi epic that would be most suited for M83. I think this will be a debut to remember and might just be better than Daft Punk’s debut with Tron. Stay tuned!


04. Romeo & Juliet by James Horner

As a long-time James Horner fan, I almost immediately know what to expect from his score to Romeo & Juliet. It will be a grand, sweeping and orchestral score with wonderful themes and epic moments of romance and death. It has to be good, it simply has to. This is the project all Horner fans must have been waiting for all these years. It has the potential to become his new Titanic score (which I thought was wonderful by the way) so let’s hope everything goes to plan.


03. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug by Howard Shore

I am ecstatic that Howard Shore is back into Tolkien’s universe to create more wonderful music. He just composed a great score for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey so naturally I expect just as good and hopefully even better score to the second Hobbit film. We all know what a success story this has to become and Shore will never let us down… never!


02. Star Trek: Into Darkness by Michael Giacchino

Another Stark Trek film! It’s awesome! After the success of the first “new” Star Trek film in 2009, there was bound to be a sequel and here it is! The teasers and trailers look great and Michael Giacchino is composing yet again like he did for the 2009 film. That score was superb and I know a lot of people disagree with me, but it felt like Star Trek, what it would have evolved to if it ever got a chance. Let’s face it. Star Trek died after DS9, at least for me. There were some decent movies featuring the TNG cast and there was Voyager and Enterprise, but neither of them kept the same high standards as TNG or DS9. So J.J. Abrams arrived to save the day, the year, the decade with his new Star Trek films. Into Darkness will be awesome, both score and film. The biggest hope I have is that Star Trek returns to TV where it belongs with a series helmed by Abrams and score by Giacchino. Make it so!


01. Man Of Steel by Hans Zimmer

It had to be this, didn’t it? Oh wow, what have they done? This reboot looks amazing judging from the trailers, but Hans Zimmer? I grew up with Superman and John Williams and the main theme will always be with me in sickness and in health. There will never be anything like it for me, and I don’t think Zimmer will try to do a Williams because he will fail miserably. This is a reboot and so it deserves something new, and something amazing since it’s Superman. He is my favourite superhero, and I even loved Superman Returns and stuck with Smallville for all it’s 27 seasons, hell I even punished myself by watching Lois & Clark back in the day, oh the horror… but it’s Superman, what can I say? He is my Kryptonite. I’m just damn curious to what Zimmer will do. I am not scared, but incredibly excited. He did right by Batman with The Dark Knight trilogy and I think he will do right by Superman for this reboot. Hopefully everything will be a wonderful success and there will be a few more Superman movies with Zimmer as a composer. Whatever you might think of this assignment and score, this will be the most controversial score of 2013.

I bet at least a couple of these will go into the Most Disappointing Score Of 2013 category, but hopefully most of them will turn out to be true gems.

Honorable Mentions:
After Earth by James Newton Howard
Carrie by Marco Beltrami
Epic by Danny Elfman
G.I. Joe Retaliation by Henry Jackman
Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters by Atli Orvarsson
Tarzan by David Newman
Pain & Gain by Steve Jablonsky

What are your most anticipated scores of 2013?

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