Here you will find links to sites that I recommend. Go visit!

PS! It’s a work in progress so more sites will be added.

Hooked On Film ScoresSoundtrack Reviews
The Perfect FilmscoreSoundtrack Reviews
Film Score FansSoundtrack Reviews
Soundtrack DreamsSoundtrack Reviews
Ben's Film-Music ReviewsSoundtrack Reviews
Filmmusic.plSoundtrack Reviews
Film Music JournalSoundtrack Reviews
Film Score Click TrackSoundtrack Reviews
Film Score ReviewsSoundtrack Reviews
Movie Music MusingsSoundtrack Reviews
Movie Music UKSoundtrack Reviews
Music MuseSoundtrack Reviews
BSO SpiritSoundtrack Reviews
Score CuesSoundtrack Reviews
Soundtrack AddictSoundtrack Reviews
Soundtrack BeatSoundtrack Reviews
Soundtrack NerdSoundtrack Reviews
TracksoundsSoundtrack Reviews
Astur ScoreSoundtrack Reviews
Colonne SonoreSoundtrack Reviews
Empire OnlineSoundtrack Reviews
Examiner (Danny Gonzalez)Soundtrack Reviews
Filmmusic.dkSoundtrack Reviews
Film . Music . MediaSoundtrack Reviews
FilmMusicSiteSoundtrack Reviews
FilmmuziekSoundtrack Reviews
Film Score MonthlySoundtrack Label
FilmtracksSoundtrack Reviews
Golden ScoreSoundtrack Reviews
Main TitlesSoundtrack Reviews
Movie WaveSoundtrack Reviews
MusicadefilmSoundtrack Reviews
MusiquedefilmSoundtrack Reviews
MuzykaFilmowa.plSoundtrack Reviews
Score MagacineSoundtrack Reviews
ScoreNotesSoundtrack Reviews
ScoreTrackSoundtrack Reviews
Soundtracks.plSoundtrack Reviews
Score CraveSoundtrack Reviews

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