Soundtrack Geek Awards 2013: The Winners!

Soundtrack Geek Awards 2013: The Winners!

Here are the winners (and nominees) of the 2013 Soundtrack Geek Awards. Several thousand of you have voted, so thank you for this massive turnout! Congratulations to all the winners!

Best Action Score 2012:
Bourne Legacy, The by James Newton Howard
Conquest 1453 by Benjamin Wallfisch
Expendables 2, The by Brian Tyler
WINNER: Skyfall by Thomas Newman
Zero Dark Thirty by Alexandre Desplat

Best Animation Score 2012:
WINNER: Brave by Patrick Doyle
Frankenweenie by Danny Elfman
Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted by Hans Zimmer
Rise Of The Guardians by Alexandre Desplat
Wreck-It Ralph by Henry Jackman

Best Comedy Score 2012:
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel by Thomas Newman
Dark Shadows by Danny Elfman
Men In Black 3 by Danny Elfman
WINNER: Moonrise Kingdom by Alexandre Desplat
Ted by Walter Murphy

Best Documentary Score 2012:
Metsan Tarina by Panu Aaltio
Queen of Versailles, The by Jeff Beal
Samsara by Lisa Gerrard & Michael Stearns
WINNER: Tales of the Waria by Gil Talmi
Timescapes by John Stanford

Best Drama Score 2012:
Beasts of the Southern Wild by Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin
Life Of Pi by Mychael Danna
Lincoln by John Williams
Lo Imposible by Fernando Velazquez
WINNER: W.E. by Abel Korzeniowski

Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Score Of 2012:
Amazing Spider-Man, The by James Horner
Cloud Atlas by Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek
Dark Knight Rises, The by Hans Zimmer
WINNER: Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey by Howard Shore
John Carter by Michael Giacchino

Best Horror Score 2012:
Cabin In The Woods, The by David Julyan
Phase 7 by Guillermo Guareschi
Sinister by Christopher Young
Tall Man, The by Todd Bryanton, Joel Douek & Christopher Young
WINNER: Woman In Black, The by Marco Beltrami

Best Thriller Score 2012:
WINNER: Argo by Alexandre Desplat
Columbus Circle by Brian Tyler
Cosmopolis by Howard Shore & Metric
Grey, The by Marc Streitenfeld
Safe House by Ramin Djawadi

Best TV Score 2012:
WINNER: Game Of Thrones Season 2 by Ramin Djawadi
Once Upon A Time by Mark Isham
Sherlock Series One by David Arnold & Michael Price
Terra Nova by Brian Tyler
Transformers Prime by Brian Tyler

Best Video Game Score 2012:
Assassin’s Creed III by Lorne Balfe
Halo 4 by Neil Davidge
WINNER: Journey by Austin Wintory
Starhawk by Christopher Lennertz
World Of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria by Various Artists

Best Film/TV Cue 2012:
‘End Title’ from Cloud Atlas by Tom Tykwer, Reinhold Heil & Johnny Klimek
‘Imagine The Fire’ from The Dark Knight Rises by Hans Zimmer
‘John Carter of Mars’ from John Carter by Michael Giacchino
‘Mysterious Island Main Titles’ from Journey 2: The Mysterious Island by Andrew Lockington
WINNER: ‘Over Hill’ from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey by Howard Shore

Best Video Game Cue 2012:
WINNER: ‘Apotheosis’ from Journey by Austin Wintory
‘Assassin’s Creed III Main Theme’ from Assassin’s Creed III by Lorne Balfe
‘Awakening’ from Halo 4 by Neil Davidge
‘Further’ from Far Cry 3 by Brian Tyler
‘With Honors’ from Medal of Honor: Warfighter by Ramin Djawadi

Best Composer 2012:
WINNER: Alexandre Desplat
Danny Elfman
Howard Shore
James Horner
Thomas Newman

Best Score 2012:
Argo by Alexandre Desplat
Frankenweenie by Danny Elfman
Game Of Thrones Season 2 by Ramin Djawadi
Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey by Howard Shore
John Carter by Michael Giacchino
Journey by Austin Wintory
Lincoln by John Williams
Lo Imposible by Fernando Velazquez
Metsan Tarina by Panu Aaltio
Moonrise Kingdom by Alexandre Desplat
Rise Of The Guardians by Alexandre Desplat
Skyfall by Thomas Newman
Tales Of The Waria by Gil Talmi
WINNER: W.E. by Abel Korzeniowski
Woman In Black, The by Marco Beltrami

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  • David Brook

    Great stuff, I’ll have to get involved in voting next year – I’ve been getting back into my soundtracks now that I’ve started covering them over at Blueprint: Review.

    The only thing I would say is missing from this list and most other end of 2012 soundtrack pieces I’ve read is Nitin Sawhney’s wonderful score for The Lodger. Of course it’s for an old silent film, so is difficult to include as a ‘new release’, but the soundtrack itself was from 2012. Anyway, I love it – has anyone else given it a listen?

    • Jørn Tillnes

      Hey, why didn’t I know about Blueprint: Review. Looks great! I want to include the reviews in this year’s Top Scores Critic’s Choice list.

      I haven’t heard The Lodger yet, but it sounds interesting. Will have to give it a listen at some point.

      • David Brook

        Thanks – yeah we only started doing soundtrack reviews in the middle of last year. I’d love to get more involved with the rest of the community. I’ve got a few soundtrack blogs on my RSS feed that I check out regularly.

        • Jørn Tillnes

          Well i think it’s awesome. The more the better. Glad you are doing video game scores as well. It’s definitely an underexposed area online

  • Stephen Noell

    Wow, that’s quite an interesting winner for best score. I’m rather surprised WE won; not that it wasn’t good, but the Hobbit was better in my opinion. As for the video game category, I’m not too surprised that Journey won, with all the hype it has. I never really found it to be all that amazing myself, compared to other scores like Halo 4.

    Still, I’m glad there was such a good turnout for voting. Here’s hoping 2013 is another good year :)

    • Jørn Tillnes

      I think 2013 will top 2012 personally. Have a good feeling about it! :)

  • Scott Zimmerman

    Not a single one I voted for won…

    • Jørn Tillnes

      Only a couple of my favorites won… Still, can’t complain too much about the winners either.

  • Bo Digidy

    Shame “Person of Interest” got no love. :(

    • Jørn Tillnes

      Ah well. They can’t all be winners :)

  • Edmund Meinerts

    Again, W.E. is a 2011 score!! It should not have even been considered here, let alone win…

    • Jørn Tillnes

      Actually the score wasn’t officially released commercially until 2012. It’s the exact same reason “A Single Man” was considered for the 2011 awards even though the film was released in 2009.

      • Edmund Meinerts

        Yeah, I know…Personally I think that we should put scores into whatever year their FILMS came out. After all, if some old Goldsmith score from the 60s got a new release this year it wouldn’t be considered a 2013 score. The situation with W.E. is only over one year rather than several decades, but it’s the same principle. It just seems weird to me that W.E., good score that it was, was not only on the nominee list but that so many people voted for it!

        • Jørn Tillnes

          Well, basically it is like this. This site and the awards are for the majority of the soundtrack fans out there which means very few would have actually seen the film in 2011 (including myself) and so it wouldn’t even be up for a vote in the 2012 awards which is a terrible thing to do to great scores in my opinion. It was only released in only New York and LA in the US for example on Dec. 9th 2011 and got it’s first limited release in February 3rd 2012. In Norway where I am at, this film had it’s premiere on March 9 2012. This is not Soundtrack Geek US, but Soundtrack Geek Worldwide :).

          The Goldsmith example do not apply when you read the above. It’s just an extreme example to prove a point. Some films late in the year will have it’s soundtrack release early next year and I’m fine with that and that’s when 98% of my readers will actually listen to the score in full for the first time. It’s simply not fair towards the great soundtrack fans out there and the composers who work their butt off to continue creating great scores, just to have it blatantly ignored.

          It won fair and square because it got the most votes and although my favorite didn’t win, I couldn’t be happier for everyone who wanted it to win and the exceptional Abel Korzeniowski who truly deserved this award.

          • Edmund Meinerts

            Fair enough! I can certainly understand why you’d look at it like that. Horner’s Black Gold is another one that sort of fell into a crack since the score didn’t come out until February 2012 despite being a 2011 movie. For my personal rankings I go by when the movie came out but for a wider awards show I suppose your way is fairer. Unless you push the awards show back into February, that is, like we do on Tracksounds.

          • Jørn Tillnes

            You mean…. The Cue Awards is back? :)

          • Edmund Meinerts

            They will be! 😉

  • Calahoon

    All my favourites won besides Assassin’s Creed III Main Theme for best video game cue and Hobbit for Best Score. Really glad that Game of Thrones won best TV Score. Was top notch work.

  • Ivan

    none of my vote made it, except Alexandre Desplat for best composer. But really, it’s a given.