Soundtrack Geek Awards 2016 Nominees – Voting closed

Soundtrack Geek Awards 2016 Nominees – Voting closed

Welcome to the 6th Annual Soundtrack Geek Awards presented by Soundtrack Geek and Soundtrack Dreams! There’s been a few changes from last year and those are:

1. More nominees! There was some criticism last year that you didn’t get enough choices, well now you do!
2. New categories including Best Archival Score and Label

Basically 15 nominees are chosen based on what 20+ soundtrack review sites say about the scores and the rest are added based on the Soundtrack Geek Index and Soundtrack Dreams top scores for 2015.

So start voting! The votes will close in in 7 days (at 23:00 GMT+1 Saturday 23) and the winners will be announced on Sunday January 24! Congrats to all the nominees! Remember: Only 1 vote per person. Enjoy!

PS! Last year there were some issues on Android phones, so if you got one of those, you might need a computer nearby. Let the voting begin!

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED! Winners have been announced: Soundtrack Geek Awards 2016 Winners

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