The Soundtrack Geek Index Is Live!

The Soundtrack Geek Index Is Live!

So the highly anticipated Soundtrack Geek Index is finally here. It is a very rough alpha version but it’s up and running. I decided to start with one index, film scores. At first, I thought a Top 100 list would do, but there are so many great scores outside of top 100 so in the end I decided for a Top 300.

All the scores on the list are obviously based on my personal opinion and no one else has had a say in the list or even seen it. The complete Soundtrack Geek Index currently has 1626 scores which include TV, Video Game, Compilations and Trailer albums. I plan to add a Video Game and TV index very shortly, however those lists will probably only be a Top 100 because I simply haven’t rated that many TV and Video Game scores yet.

I am very proud of my current top 300 and you’ll find that there are a lot of mainstream hits missing from the list. This list has been built over a few years and I stand by it. The list is always changing and I hope to update it every 3 months or so.

I think this is the start of something great and I hope it inspires all of you to make your own personal index with scores and rating and hopefully you’ll share your findings with us. If you can’t find a score on the list, please ask about it and I’ll tell you where it is in the full index and if it’s not there yet, it means I haven’t rated it yet. I do take requests ;).

The list is very easy to use and you can sort it by rank, soundtrack, composer, year and Geek Score. There’s also a little filter box on top of it, slightly to the right where you can filter scores by anything. For example if you are interested to see if I have any John Williams scores there, just type in John Williams and they will all appear.

Well, here goes… I am proud to present Soundtrack Geek Index for film scores and you can find it here: Soundtrack Geek Index Top 300 Film Scores.

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