Soundtrack Geek V2 Is Here!

Soundtrack Geek V2 Is Here!

Earlier this year I promised a re-design of the site and it’s finally here. There are a number of reasons why I decided to re-design the site again.

1. Much easier back-end operation meaning I spend less time publishing reviews and articles so I can spend more time on writing reviews.

2. I wanted something light, easy on the eye and not too graphics intensive.

3. I wanted to add more features that would have been hard using the old site, but is a lot easier now (I will get into the new features in a bit).

To show off the new site, I have added 4 reviews: Dark Shadows, Battleship, Fringe Season 3 and The Avengers. So check these out when you can.

Now for the new and exciting features!

1. New Geek Score System. Previously I used a ranking of 1 to 10 and nothing in between. It was a simple solution and it worked, but the problem with that approach is that scores that rank 8 for example can mean anything from 7.5 until 8.4 so how do you know which score ranked 8 is better than other scores ranked 8? You couldn’t! So I decided to have a system that goes from 0.1 to 100 which i a lot more flexible. You can have a score of 83.7 with one score and 82.1 with another meaning that I like the 83.7 ranked score better.

Example: New Feature: Geek Score

2. New Track Ratings. In the old site, I used the star system * to *****, but I decided to use the same system as the new Geek Score to make it simpler. The only difference is that each track will be rated either 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100. I’ve also added a little star that indicates the best 3 tracks of the album.

3. User Ratings. I got a few requests for that on the old site. Just because I am reviewing the scores, doesn’t mean you can’t rate it too. So I’ve added a 10 star system just below the usual video at the end of the review. So get voting! Once I get a few votes on the scores I plan to create a table based on user input to see what you think are the best scores.

Example: New Feature: User Ratings

4. Play The Album On Spotify. If you have Spotify (and why wouldn’t you?), I’ve added a Spotify Widget so you can play the full album if you have Spotify installed. You’ll usually find this just before the conclusion of the review.

Example: New Feature: Spotify

5. Search Function. Finally I have a working search function on the site so you can easily search and find what you need. You’ll find this in the sidebar to the left, just below the logo.

Example: New Feature: Search

6. Soundtrack Review Archives. Just because I created something new doesn’t mean I have shut down my old site for good. In the sidebar to the left you can find links to my old reviews and also some features like Top Scores and Soundtrack Geek Awards.

Example: New Feature: Review Archives

7. Interactive Sort Feature On All Tables. I have currently two tables on the site. There’s Top Scores 2012: Critic’s Choice and there’s Soundtrack Reviews. Both have gotten a new revamped table system so you can sort them any way you want by clicking on the header. In the Soundtrack Reviews table you can sort Soundtrack, Composer, Year, Genre, Type and Geek Score.

Example: New Feature: Interactive Sorting

8. Real Time Filter Search On All Tables. In the two tables I have on the site currently, you have a search form to the top right. As soon as you start writing, the table automatically filters out results. Try it!

Example: New Features: Table Filter

So there you have it. Just 8 reasons why version 2 of Soundtrack Geek is a lot better than the old site. There are literally hundreds of new features for me in the back end such as a feature to automatically publish something at a certain date or time. This means I can stock up the system with soundtrack reviews and not have to do all the work each time I want to publish a review which was a serious pain with the old system.

Anyway, Hope you will like this as much as I do! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section and that included things you don’t like or would see added etc.

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