Soundtrack Review: 50 to 1

Soundtrack Review: 50 to 1

50 To 1 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score 50 to 1 by William Ross.

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18 tracks
37 minutes of score
Geek Score: 87.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 26.05
Album Excellence: 70%
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50 To 1 looks like a fun movie about daring to do something when others don’t. Those cowboys sure knows to have fun though and they want to win. William Ross has created a very fun and frantic score to this movie that’s heavily rooted in country, but there’s also traditional scoring which is fun and inspirational. Country heavy cues like ‘Ten Years Later’, ‘Losing Streak’ and ‘Riding To The Ranch’ are really good, particularly the opening cue ‘Ten Years Later’ and ‘Riding To The Ranch’. I wonder why there aren’t more opportunity to use country music in scores since they are so popular in mainstream these days.

Inspiration comes out in full form with ‘The Breeders Cup’, ‘Borderland Derby’ and ‘The Kentucky Derby’. I can practically smell the glory and victory as those horses run for glory. If you can accept more glory in your life, check out the ending cue ‘The Race & Epilogue’, a fantastic win-all, take-it-all, kins of cue. Goosebumps! Triumphant scoring from Mr. Ross there and that’s exactly what this score needed, a fantastic finale.

This score is a charmer, no doubt about it. I find it fun and inspirational and just the perfect dash of country.

1. Ten Years Later
3. Riding To The Ranch
6. The Breeders Cup
11. Training Bird
12. Arrival At Churchill Downs
15. The Night Before
16. The Kentucky Derby
17. Prelude To The Race
18. The Race & Epilogue

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