Soundtrack Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Henry Jackman.

“Henry Jackman and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a very good fit and the score sound exactly the way I thought it would sound.”

Abraham Lincoln, the legend, the myth, the man… In Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter he discovers a plan by the vampires to take over the United States and makes it his mission to eliminate them. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov and starring Benjamin Walker, Rufus Sewell and Dominic Cooper, this action horror film looks to be all kinds of fun. The composer is Henry Jackman.

Track List

1. Childhood Tragedy 80
2. Vampires 60
3. What Do You Hate? 80
4. Power Comes From Truth 80
5. You Are Full of Suprises 80
6. Mary Todd 100
7. The Horse Stampede 100
8. Henry Sturgess 80
9. Adam 80
10. Rescue Mission 80
11. Inauguration 100
12. All Slave to Something 60
13. Emancipation 60
14. Haunted by the Past 60
15. Battle at Gettysburg 80
16. Forging Silver 80
17. 80 Miles 80
18. The Burning Bridges 80
19. Not the Only Railroad 100
20. The Gettysburg Address 100
21. Late to the Theatre 100
22. The Rampant Hunter 100

Henry Jackman returns with what I think suits him more than the thriller movie “Man On A Ledge” from earlier this year. This is a horror, fantasy and action film and this can only mean that a great composer like Henry Jackman get to have quite a bit of fun and use his creative power to create something great. It could have been much different though as NIN frontman and now film composer Trent Reznor was originally approached to do this film. Now how do you go from Trent Reznor to Henry Jackman in terms of style and substance? It’s like a completely different film judging by what these guys has been doing until now.

Jackman finally go the gig and I have a feeling that it was the right choice based on what I have heard. Sure it isn’t perfect but there’s a lot to like and a lot to love on this score. I really like it when Jackman put on his creative boots and go to town like he has done here. You can hear one of his beautiful themes in the cue ‘Mary Todd’ which is one of the better quiet tracks on this score.

For those who are here for the action, Jackman doesn’t disappoint with cues like ‘The Horse Stampede’ which is frantic and fun from start to finish. There’s a great mix of orchestral and synth in here, in fact this is exactly how it’s supposed to be done. ‘Inauguration’ sort of reminds me of Bear McCreary’s “Rest Stop” scores because of a that “twang twang” guitar sound, but the comparison stop there. Another great cue by Jackman.

The ending of the score is great with four great cues starting with ‘Not The Only Railroad” that included a great theme. Then there’s ‘The Gettysburg Address’ opening with the heroic Abraham Lincoln theme. ‘Late to the Theatre’ also opens with the same theme, but it’s a lot more quiet, just the piano playing on top of strings. Beautiful.

‘The Rampant Hunter’ is a completely different beast and deserves a paragraph on it’s own. It must be an iTunes exclusive track because I can’t find it on the CD listing at Amazon. Anyway, this cue is special because it sounds different than the rest of the score. It’s a very cool action theme, kind of fits the Blade universe better actually. Anyway, I like it a lot!

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Henry Jackman and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is a very good fit and the score sound exactly the way I thought it would sound. That’s a very good thing, but of course I wouldn’t mind it if there was a little bit more meat to it than there is. Currently it is still a quite good score and should definitely warrant a listen.


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