Soundtrack Review: Alias Grace

Soundtrack Review: Alias Grace

Alias Grace Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Alias Grace by Jeff Danna & Mychael Danna.

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Alias Grace is a 2017 Canadian-American biographical crime drama television miniseries directed by Mary Harron and starring Sarah Gadon, Edward Holcroft & Rebecca Liddiard. Based on the award-winning novel by Margaret Atwood and inspired by true events, Alias Grace tells the story of Grace Marks (Sarah Gadon), a young, poor Irish immigrant and domestic servant in Upper Canada who – along with stable hand James McDermott (Kerr Logan) – finds herself accused and convicted of the infamous 1843 double murder of her employer Thomas Kinnear (Paul Gross), and his housekeeper Nancy Montgomery (Anna Paquin). The score is composed by Jeff Danna & Mychael Danna.

There’s already a very popular Margaret Atwood drama on television and apparently there might be two more coming in the future. This one is very different to the other show "The Handmaid’s Tale" and is based on a true story. It’s basically a true crime story from the eighteen hundreds. I have started watching it, but I’m only 1 episode in so far, but it’s fascinating storytelling intrigues me and the music in context sounds pretty good. The Danna’s have had success with television before like Tyrant and specially Camelot which I remember to be a very good score. You’ll notice early on that this is something special with the opening cue ‘Grace In The Mirror’. There’s something about that haunting solo violin in there that gives me goose bumps. The melody might not be the prettiest, but the sound is food for the brain and heart.

You will hear a lot of strings in this score, and watching the first episode makes it clear that the series was made for this score and vice versa. It works so well, but on album it can be a bit hard to listen to at times, an almost claustrophobic feeling is created. I think it’s because when the stirring solo violin isn’t playing it’s too simple and when there’s slightly more happening, the score gets more exciting. However when it focuses on the lovely strings, it works whether it’s slow or fast. It’s such a great pleasure to hear the strings almost sing to each other like they do in certain cues like ‘A Visit To The Doctor’. It’s good, but I have to say after hearing the music in the first episode, I expected more when I listened to it on album. Maybe as I watch more of the show, it will come back to me with greater strength.

4. McDermott Is Hung
5. Quilts
7. Below Deck
8. Funeral At Sea
9. Ferry Crossing
13. A Visit To The Doctor
15. Mary’s Burial
17. Daisy Crown
19. God Alone Can Tidy It Up
20. A Common Peddler
24. Flight
25. Simon’s Fantasy
28. Embroidery Of The Tree Of Paradise

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