Soundtrack Review: All Nighter

Soundtrack Review: All Nighter

All Nighter Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score All Nighter by Alec Puro.

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Geek Score: 70
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 1.8
Album Excellence: 6.9%

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All Nighter is a 2017 American comedy film directed by Gavin Wiesen and starring Analeigh Tipton, Emile Hirsch & J.K. Simmons. Six months after that awkward introductory dinner with the tough and workaholic father of his girlfriend Ginnie, Martin, a talented but broke banjo musician, finds Mr Gallo knocking on his door looking for his daughter. Still heartbroken after breaking up with Ginnie, single and clueless, Martin will have no other choice but to hit the road and form an improbable search party with his ex-father-in-law, in an all-night adventure all over west Hollywood. Eventually, by the end of the night, the team will learn how to leave the past behind, move on, and most importantly, open their eyes and live. Nevertheless, where could Ginnie be? The score is composed by Alec Puro.

Now this is interesting. Apparently the short score opens with a bonus track called ‘Open’. This score is only around 25 minutes and has 4 bonus tracks in the list so I’m guessing this is a movie that doesn’t use score all that much, but that might actually be an advantage at times. Speaking of the score though, are you ready for a light and peculiar journey? See, this movie have a guy traveling around with a banjo and I naturally thought that banjo would be very present in the score. What you’ll get those is a sort of guitar infused Americana with a hint of Spanish flair.

To me it all sounds a bit formulaic though when it comes to comedy scoring. Luckily Puro doesn’t go the slapstick route, but lands on a road with a mix of drama and comedy. It’s nice for the most part, but I fail to be engaged enough with this score and I was worried that even the short length would be too much for me to listen to. I didn’t think boredom would set in s fast though, but already three cues in, I felt that I needed something else to move it forward, but the score kept going the same route. It’s a shame, and I could really have used some banjo music about now as well and wouldn’t you know it, Puro delivers with a couple of banjo bonus tracks at the end of the score, and now I wish the whole score had a banjo theme going, but at least we’ll get these two which is unusual on any score these days.

15. Beautiful Banjo

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