Soundtrack Review: Almightree The Last Dreamer

Soundtrack Review: Almightree The Last Dreamer

Almightree The Last Dreamer Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Almightree The Last Dreamer by John Robert Matz.

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Almightree: The Last Dreamer is a 2014 puzzle action platformer video game developed for IOS and Android by Crescent Moon Games. The world is shattering and you are the only hope to restore the balance.
A thrilling and challenging 3D puzzle platformer game. Find your way to awaken the Almightree while racing with calamity. The score is composed by John Robert Matz.

The score starts with ‘Desperate Flight / The Dream’ which might be part of an animated intro. Very big and bold, brass instruments and percussion. The flute is playing the theme and while the quite frantic music is playing in the background, the flute is working out well. The second part of the cue is more quiet, but the flute is still present. It’s an OK theme, not bad at all. ‘Main Menu’ I assume is the music playing when you have the opening menu in front of you. It is a calm cue, inspired by Asian music. There are wind chimes and flutes. Well, very zen actually. Nothing too special here either, but it’s a nice one. ‘Winding Path’ is more flute and percussion, but maybe I was wrong about Asia? Well, it could be a tribal thing. Interesting music though, but nothing that truly stands out yet. ‘Unsteady Footing’ is more of the same. I like the percussion though. That is the best part of the score for me so far. It feels fresh and fun, and it adds a lot to the music.

I like the artistry of this score. It’s unique in it’s own way. It doesn’t quite sound like any music I’ve heard so far in 2015 and that’s a good thing. I’m sure it fits with the game perfectly too, but on album it’s a bit thin. I don’t mind that the score is only 19 minutes because a lot can be done in 19 minutes. It suffers a bit because it’s not really going anywhere. The cues doesn’t have a narrative for me. I just can’t find it. Musically it’s sound though with Indian/Asian influences and it has great percussion as well. I didn’t find any stand out cues and there were not a single “wow” moment, but overall I enjoyed listening to it. It’s a nice little score to pick up and enjoy out in the summer sun. Try it! It might surprise you. If not, at least I’m sure you can enjoy it in the game.


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