Soundtrack Review: American Gods

Soundtrack Review: American Gods

American Gods Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score American Gods by Brian Reitzell.

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Total Minutes Of Excellence: 46
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American Gods is a 2017 American television series created by Bryan Fuller & Michael Green and starring Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning & Crispin Glover. It is based on the 2001 novel of the same name by Neil Gaiman. Ex-convict Shadow Moon roams a world he doesn’t understand, left adrift by the recent, tragic death of his wife. Little does he know his life is about to change after he meets a crafty, charismatic con man named Mr. Wednesday, who offers Shadow a job as his bodyguard. As their journey begins, Shadow encounters a hidden America where magic is real and fear grows over the ascending power of New Gods like Technology and Media. In a grand plan to combat the threat, Mr. Wednesday attempts to unite the Old Gods to defend their existence and rebuild the influence that they’ve lost, leaving Shadow struggling to accept this new world and his place in it. The score is composed by Brian Reitzell.

Who here loves Bryan Fuller and everything he does? I do! This show man, this show is what you almost expect from Fuller these days after the beautiful Hannibal. The visuals seems to have improved and joining him on this crazy journey is composer Brian Reitzell who also did the score for Hannibal. I’ve been watching every American Gods episode as they come and the music matches up to the wonderful visuals. I notice a nice chunk of Hannibal in there, but also lovely jazzy and bluesy music and a lot more. It is going to be fun listening to the score, finally. And how about that opening intro? It’s gorgeous, music and visuals. If you are as addicted the opening sequence as I am, then you’ll get a kick out of the opening theme ‘Main Titles’. It is glorious, dirty, a little bit messy and encapsulates a lot what this show and Fuller is about these days.

The various opening sequences to each episode could be an entire movie or series themselves and with music to match and then there’s all the wonderful characters AKA Gods that inhibits the show like Bilquis whose music starts almost tranquil and gets more dramatic as it goes on in ‘Bilquis Orgy’. It fits her and what she does. This is going to get weird, but I think you knew that going in. If you’ve seen the show you know what I mean. The same applied to Hannibal and although this is less “weird” than Hannibal, it’s still going to blow your mind with some weirdness. If you’ve seen the shopping scene for example, then you’ll know what’s going on and why there’s some subtle laughter and applause in there. It works, it works great. Of course some music is undoubtedly to scenes and episodes that hasn’t aired yet, but that means more excitement for me and you. This is in truth a weird and wonderful score and if you’re a fan, you need this in your collection immediately.

1. Main Titles *
3. Bilquis Orgy
5. Shopping
6. Out Of Time
8. Bilquis Gets To Work
9. Vulcan
11. Laura’s Affair *
15. Media Bowie
17. Wednesday Heals Shadow
18. Essie Accused
19. They’re Here Finale

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