Soundtrack Review: Anna e Yusef Un Amore Senza Confini

Soundtrack Review: Anna e Yusef Un Amore Senza Confini

Anna e Yusef: Un Amore Senza Confini Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Anna e Yusef: Un Amore Senza Confini by Fabrizio Bondi.

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Geek Score: 94.5
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 11.2
Album Excellence: 70.1%

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Anna E Yusef is a 2015 Italian drama TV movie directed by Cinzia Th. Torrini and starring Vanessa Incontrada, Adel Bencherif & Bennoor Ali. Anna and Yusef are a happy couple with a beautiful daughter Nadira. Anna is a physiotherapist with a failed marriage behind her and she has some trust issues in her relationship with Yusef, specially about family and friends. Yusef has to choose between his family and her because the family does not approve of his choices. The score is composed by Fabrizio Bondi.

It seems to be the classic forbidden love story and the eternal choice, love or family. It was aired on RAI 1 if I understood the Italian correct. It was really hard to find any English info about this film, but the music interests me. I heard some samples earlier and I just had to hear it all even though it’s a very short score. The score opens with ‘La Forza Dell Amore’ a sweet (almost too sweet) love hymn, very minimalistic and beautiful. The music integrates real instruments and electronic music. It works well in the opening cue, but traditionally it’s a bit dangerous and true enough, in ‘Lacrime Dolci’, I don’t particularly like the mix between the two. However, the melody is so beautiful that I enjoyed it in the end.

I’m a sucker for love stories and their music and this score really hit a chord with me. It’s mostly modern sounding pop ballad kind of music, but I happen to be in love with that style so the score really works well for me. I am enjoying every single cue so far and I feel empowered by it. It isn’t a very busy score, very small and intimate with just a few instruments here and there, but what makes this score so great is the melody. Yes it’s cliche filled and I’ve probably heard it many times before, but I can’t stop loving what I love. It’s not just cheesy love themes either, there are ethnic elements in here as well which is very present in the later stages of the score and it makes me think it’s some kind of religious barrier between the lovers as well. The ethnic parts weren’t connecting with me until I heard the love theme ‘La Forza Dell’amore (Ethnic Version)’ and then I was sold utterly and completely. It’s short but sweet as they say. This is a score that could have been a lot longer and I bet it would still be great, but for what it is, it’s pretty perfect. Almost makes me want to watch the film, almost. It’s a powerful score and one that you should pick up and listen to.

3. La Forza Dell Amore
4. Lacrime Dolci
5. La Dolcezza Di Anna
6. Un Amore Senza Confini
10. Sempre Tua
11. Ritrovarti
13. La Forza Dell’amore (Ethnic Version)

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