Soundtrack Review: Arena

Soundtrack Review: Arena

Arena Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Arena by Richard Band.

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Geek Score: 93
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 31.1
Album Excellence: 63.6%

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Arena is a 1989 American science fiction film directed by Peter Manoogian and starring Paul Satterfield, Hamilton Camp & Claudia Christian. In a huge space arena, fighters from all over the galaxy come to battle each other in hopes of claiming victory. While most warriors are of various alien species, Steve Armstrong (Paul Satterfield) is a rarity — a human who aspires to compete in the games. Training with his friend Shorty (Hamilton Camp) and encouraged by the lovely promoter Quinn (Claudia Christian), Steve has a shot at the intergalactic championship, but plenty of extraterrestrial brawlers are eager to take him down. The score is composed by Richard Band.

I love Richard Band, or rather, what he was part of. The movies he scored is hardly a pop culture reference these days and largely forgotten, but for a kid in the 80s, watching these movies was exciting and fun. Sadly, this is one movie that never came across a VHS player near me, but in the digital age, hopefully the movie is streaming somewhere. The score opens with ‘Main Title’ and within a few seconds I feel right at home. Corny science fiction and synth scores are a passion of mine and Band delivers. The theme isn’t very memorable (although it has it’s heroic moments), but it’s the sound of it I enjoy so much. Judging by the opening theme, this should be a very fun ride into the past and ‘But Is He A Sportsman’ follows up in style.

There’s just something enjoyable about these scores. It’s a time machine. It takes me back to a time of pure fun and exploration in various media. A score like this shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You always have to remember the times back then and where this came from. Of course a score like this would be ridiculed if it was made with today’s cinema in mind, but even then, I would find some enjoyment. I’m certainly cherish every moment from this score as it hits the nostalgia spot just right and then some. It’s not perfect, but for what it is, it comes pretty close. I think this is a score for certain people, certainly not all. If you enjoy Trancers for example, another recent Intrada release, you’ll probably enjoy this one. I think you pretty much know what you get here, and I can’t make it clear enough that if this is your “sound”, you need to get this.

1. Main Title
2. But Is He A Sportsman
3. Horn Goes Berserk
4. I Had This Dream
6. Who The Hell Is Fang
7. Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Here
9. I’ve Already Got A Job
10. Steve Fights Sloth
12. A Token Of Our Appreciation
15. You’re Not Falling For Him
16. It’s Up To You, Quinn
19. Steve Wins
20. As Long As There Are Steve Armstrongs

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