Soundtrack Review: Army Of Darkness

Soundtrack Review: Army Of Darkness

Army Of Darkness Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Army Of Darkness by Joseph LoDuca.

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Geek Score: 99
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 48.8
Album Excellence: 95.8%

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Army Of Darkness is a 1992 American horror comedy film directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell, Emberth Davidtz and Marcus Gilbert. This is the third instalment in the Evil Dead franchise. In this sequel to the Evil Dead films, a discount-store employee (“Name’s Ash. Housewares.”) is time-warped to a medieval castle beset by monstrous forces. Initially mistaken for an enemy, he is soon revealed as the prophecised savior who can quest for the Necronomicon, a book which can dispel the evil. Unfortunately, he screws up the magic words while collecting the tome, and releases an army of skeletons, led by his own Deadite counterpart. What follows is a thrilling, yet tongue-in-cheek battle between Ash’s 20th Century tactics and the minions of darkness. The score is composed by Joseph LoDuca.

Army Of Darkness is my favourite film in the Evil Dead Franchise. It got the balance between horror and comedy just right and you have to love the many one liners coming out of Bruce / Ash’s mouth. I remember the score as well, particularly the epic intro. It all starts with the epic intro ‘Prologue’ which is iconic really. The opening notes and the downward spiralling choir. Epic! I sometimes hum that even today. It’s so easy to remember and fun to hum. LoDuca has also some fun with medieval music in the prologue, but it’s main thing is the epic choir and the fantastic “violent” finale. I love that. ‘Building The Deathcoaster’ is an awesome epic and heroic cue with a dash of medieval fantasy. Beautiful and it sounds amazing as well plus a great theme to boot. Ah yes, this had themes, actually hummable themes. How about a love theme? Sure, we got that. Check out ‘Give Me Some Sugar / Bone’anza’.

Themes is a major development from The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II though which you could argue had themes, but not like this, not even close. It seems like almost every cue has a decent theme in there and that’s rare. By the way, did I mention that Danny Elfman scores some pieces for this one as well? No? Well he did. I know that he did ‘March Of The Dead’ but he might as well have done ‘Little Ashes’ which is like Pee-Wee made a visit to evil medieval times. Love it! Speaking of ‘March Of The Dead’ it’s fantastic. It sounds like Judge Dredd is invading evil medieval times. For me there’s no question that Army Of Darkness is the best score in the trilogy, by far. It’s intelligent scoring, coupled with a few great themes and thrilling marches and actin makes it a winner.

1. Prologue *
2. Building The Deathcoaster *
3. Give Me Some Sugar / Bone’anza
4. Time Traveler
5. Ash Splits
6. Little Ashes
7. Ash In Chains
9. The Forest Of The Dead / Graveyard
10. The Pit
11. God Save Us
12. Foul Thing
13. March Of The Dead (Danny Elfman)
14. Whites Of Their Skulls
15. The Deathcoaster
16. On The Parapet
17. Ash Bucklers
18. Skeletor
19. Soul Swallower
20. Manly Men *
21. End Titles

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