Soundtrack Review: Four Assassins (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Four Assassins (2012)

Four Assassins Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Four Assassins by Andre Matthias.

Four Assassins is the kind of score you really want to like but will find it hard to, at least this is my experience. The opening theme ‘Fly Away Eyes (Main Theme)’ is certainly interesting, but that’s all I can say about it. It has a sort of Carter Burwell style to it I think, in fact, big parts of the score does. I like that the main theme sounds a bit dark and the melody feels different and skewed, like it doesn’t belong. There’s definitely material here that Mathias could have used more in the score, but unfortunately it only happens in small doses.

Most of the score sounds like ‘Big Trouble In Little Macau’ which is a long-winding cue with little or no interest to me. It feels so mundane, so boring, like a long ambient sound effect cue. ‘Six Words’ is another cue that is just wandering around aimlessly and hoping to strike a chord with me. It doesn’t. I admit that while listening to this score, my mood quickly turned into a deep depression and some of the cues individual score is probably colored by that fact. However, it is all about feeling really and this is one of those scores you just hate to listen through, and specially twice like I did. I felt like skipping ahead, but then I wouldn’t be doing anyone any good by writing this review.

There’s just too many things gone wrong on this score and only a few cues are really worthwile to listen to. I felt bored, uninspired and tired listening to this score and I just wanted it to end unfortunately. I gave it a chance, I listened to it again, but it didn’t even grow on me. As far as thriller scores go, this one is unfortunately a million miles from the best ones.

12. Last Man Standing


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