Soundtrack review: Astro Boy

Soundtrack review: Astro Boy

Astro Boy Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Astro Boy by John Ottman.

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Geek Score: 93.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 45.3
Album Excellence: 71.9%

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Astro Boy is a 2009 Hong Kong-American computer animated action film directed by David Bowers and starring Charlize Theron, Nicolas Cage and Donald Sutherland. The film is loosely based on the manga series of the same name. In futuristic Metro City, a brilliant scientist named Tenma builds Astro Boy (Freddie Highmore), a robotic child with superstrength, X-ray vision and the ability to fly. Astro Boy sets out to explore the world and find acceptance, learning what being human is all about in the process. Finding that his friends and family in Metro City are in danger, he uses his incredible powers to save all that he loves. The score is composed by John Ottman.

Astro Boy has a legacy. The manga series dates back to 1951 when it was first published, then it was adapted to an anime series in 1963. It even got a live action movie and tv series and there’s a reboot series coming this year I believe. Of course video games has been made for NES in 1988, Super Famicom in 1994, Gameboy Advance, PS2, WII, DS and PSP as well. Me? I’ve never heard of him before that 2009 movie which I haven’t seen either. Let’s see what’s the score is all about. Ottman opens with ‘Opening Theme’ a beautiful choral theme, very “heavenly” at first before the main theme really takes off and what a theme! Ottman pulls all the stops for this one orchestral mastery of a theme. I see all kinds of fun, pirates, future and flying. Wow, that was something else. Loving it! This is looking good indeed. ‘Astro Flies!’ is next and it’s a bit more subdued, but I love the sound of it, particularly the big finale. Give Ottman a big orchestra and he is bound to impress.

With every cue comes a big responsibility and Ottman is making it sound so easy as he parades out these glorious orchestral tones from a massive orchestra. How does he do it? Well I don’t know, but just listen to ‘Blue Core Pursuit’ and ‘Designing Toby’? Surely this is written for a big budget superhero movie bigger than Man Of Steel, it is that good. How come I’ve never heard this one before? The score can have some fun to. It’s not all orchestral excellence you know. ‘One Of Us / Meeting Trashcan’ is definitely a cue that sticks out with it’s unashamed promotion of fun and comedy. Now this orchestral bliss doesn’t last forever either. After ‘I Don’t Want You’, there’s a long break in the proceedings, but don’t worry, it’s back around ‘Egg On Hamegg’. It’s a great score, one that I will remember with fondness for decades to come. Check it out!

1. Opening Theme *
2. Astro Flies!
3. Start It Up
4. Morning Lessons
5. Blue Core Pursuit
6. Designing Toby
7. I Don’t Want You
15. Egg On Hamegg
16. Toby’s Destiny
17. Saving Metro City
18. Final Sacrifice
19. Robot Humanity
20. Theme From Astro Boy *
21. Robots Are Our Friends

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