Soundtrack Review: Baby’s Day Out

Soundtrack Review: Baby’s Day Out

Baby’s Day Out Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Baby’s Day Out by Bruce Broughton.

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Geek Score: 86.2
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 35.8
Album Excellence: 44.8%

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Baby’s Day Out is a 1994 American family comedy directed by Patrick Read Johnson and starring Lara Flynn Boyle, Joe Mantegna & Joe Pantoliano. Posing as children’s photographers, three crooks (Joe Mantegna, Joe Pantoliano, Brian Haley) scheme their way into a mansion to kidnap an infant (Adam Robert Worton, Jacob Joseph Worton). Their hostage proves quite resourceful, however, escaping their hideout and making his way into downtown Chicago. Now the con men have to find their abductee, who believes that in order to return home he must reenact scenes from his favorite storybook, including trips to the zoo and a construction site. The score is composed by Bruce Broughton.

I remember watching this film thinking what a crazy idea it was based on, but it kind of worked. My 1994 brain was developed enough to figure out that no babies was hurt during the production of this film so it was all a few good laughs. I have little or no recollection of the music though, but I have an idea what’s it about, but I hope there’s a surprise or two and that the music doesn’t become cliche-filled with comedy stingers. I’m sure I’ve seen a promo of this score somewhere, but now the official release is here there’s no reason to seek it out. I am not surprised at all to learn that ‘Main Title’ is a very safe and whimsical comedy piece. Oh no, the woodwinds though. That’s the typical sign of an off-beat quirky comedy session. I hope it’s kept to a minimum. I like the main theme though, it’s zany enough to be enjoyable.

I don’t mind cartoonish though, that can be very fun, but I like it when it’s almost or even over the top. That kind of comedy I can certainly enjoy on album and not only in context. Ah, the sweet comedy moment is a classic and it works so well, specially when the music tugs on your heartstrings and so it does in ‘The Boo Boo Bock’. Ok, so this score contains a lot of cartoony sounding music, but that’s just the thing, it’s that cartoon sound which makes it good for me. Other comedy scores might try to put on a comedy feel to the score, but it’s not really working because it just doesn’t sound like a cartoon. Maybe it’s just me? Whatever it is, I’m liking this. My favorite cartoonish parts are when the music reaches a new level of mayhem like in ‘Stealing Bink’. I think that’s charming and a lot of fun. Wait, is the baby name Bink? What is this? The Flintstones? But joking aside, I like Bink. Bink brings out the best music for the most part. It makes sense because it’s all about the baby and his crazy ride through the city and the music fits perfectly.

1. Main Title
2. The Boo Boo Bock
6. Stealing Bink
10. Baby On The Roof
11. Bink Finds A Bus
13. The Department Store
15. Not Bink
16. Street Crossing
23. The Rabbit Hole
27. Veeko’s Next
29. I Know Where He Is
31. He’s Back
32. End Credits

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