Soundtrack Review: Batman Unlimited Monster Mayhem

Soundtrack Review: Batman Unlimited Monster Mayhem

Batman Unlimited Monster Mayhem Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Batman Unlimited Monster Mayhem by Kevin Riepl.

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Geek Score: 87.6
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 34
Album Excellence: 59.6%

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Batman Unlimited Monster Mayhem is a 2015 direct-to-video animated superhero film directed by Butch Lukic and starring Troy Baker, Janell Cox & Brian T. Delaney. It’s Halloween night in Gotham and a mysterious crime spree has Batman on the trail of the city’s spookiest villains: Scarecrow, Clayface, Silver Banshee and Solomon Grundy. Ruling over these misfits is the clown prince of crime himself, The Joker! Armed with a computer virus and diabolical plan to unleash “digital laugher” upon Gotham’s technology, only the Dark Knight can stop this gruesome gang. Joining forces with Green Arrow, Cyborg, Nightwing and Red Robin, it’s an action-packed race to stop the Joker and save the city. When the sun rises, will it shine upon Gotham or Jokertown? The score is composed by Kevin Riepl.

The score opens with ‘Joy Ride’, and this is quite fun. With these DC animated films there has been a mixed bag of music, but with ‘Joy Ride’, it feels like we’re on to something her with a fast-paced and fresh action cue. ‘Glad You’re Here’ is more action. I notice that Riepl use a mix of electronic and orchestral music. I think it works quite well and the music feels dynamic and flows well. The main title for this movie is called ‘Titles’ and it’s a good heroic hymn, although I wouldn’t say it’s reached it’s potential. Still, I love it. I’ve listened to quite a few of these animated DC film scores and I’ve had trouble with a few of them. Maybe what I have missed is a fun animated score. The scores have been a bit too “serious” and that’s maybe not what I’m looking for. I already have that in the live action films, I don’t need that in the animated films as well.

With this score, Riepl has brought back the fun in animation without making it silly The action is fun and dynamic and fits well in a more classic animated Batman feature. There’s not much that I feel i missing from this score and I’m not even a bit miffed that the cues are so short. I think the short cue length work to it’s advantage here. The music steel feels like it’s flowing and it doesn’t all have to be part of the same story. Every cue is a story no matter how short it is, and that’s a significant strength. Maybe if I put my critical hat on, I can see how some people think this score sound a bit “cheap”. It’s not the London Symphony Orchestra here, but personally I wouldn’t want it to be. I want it to be just like this, I want to feel like a fun Batman animated adventure and that’s exactly what I get. Could it be better? Sure it could. I didn’t enjoy when the music became too comedic, but there’s plenty of fun here, particularly the action cues.

1. Joy Ride
2. Glad You’re Here
4. Titles
5. Simulation
7. Clay Face
11. Let’s Get Down
16. Clay-Rex
17. Joker’s Tricycle Ride
25. Fights At The Fairgrounds
27. Come Out Archer
30. Roadkill
31. Possessed Mobile
32. A Ride On Doggie
33. Cyborg Conflicted
36. Virtual Chase
37. B Rex
38. Trying To Fight It
40. Malfunction & Rebooting
41. Antique Battle
42. Air Battle
45. End Credits

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