Soundtrack Review: Beastly

Soundtrack Review: Beastly

Beastly Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Beastly by Marcelo Zarvos.

“Marcelo Zarvos took me completely by surprise giving this movie a score it can’t possibly deserve”

Beastly is a modern take on the old tale Beauty and the Beast and it shows. Snotty kids in a snotty environment. Still here? Good! Because even though the movie is an unnecessary tale of modern love told thousand times before, the score by Marcelo Zarvos might be the only thing good about it.

Track List

1. The Thinking Thing Killed *****
2. Lake House *****
3. Jujyfruits ***
4. The Poem ****
5. High School ***
6. It’s Always Been Me *****
7. Elephant Story ****
8. Building the Greenhouse *****
9. Drive to the Station *****
10. The Curse Part 1 ***
11. Lindy’s Picture *****
12. The Kiss *****
13. Hunter Rescues Lindy ****
14. Food and Gifts **
15. Lindy’s In Trouble *****
16. The Curse Part 2 **
17. Hunter and Zola Talk ****
18. Finale *****

Sometimes you feel that it’s unnecessary to listen to certain scores. I never do, but I do feel resentment sometimes, but it’s part of what I do and what I love so I give every soundtrack a chance.

Beastly by Marcelo Zarvos is one of those Ònothing to lose, everything to winÓ sort of scores because I started listening to this without any hope of something great. It’s not Zarvos fault, it’s simply the movie. After watching the trailer I rolled my eyes so much my head hurt.

Then the listening started…


Voila, after listening to the whole thing I became a firm believe in my own stupidity. I never learn to never judge a book by it’s cover (even though it’s one of my favorite sayings).

The surprisingly fresh and modern sound that cues like ‘The Thinking Thing Killed’ and ‘Lake House’ really caught me off guard. It actually had an extremely hummable and positive theme. It made me happy just listening to it.

What happened?

Zarvos obviously took a very emotional and thematic approach to Beastly, one that I had not anticipated. This one blew me out of the park, particularly the cue ‘It’s Always Been Me’ which is a contender for cue of the year. Gotta love the fluttering intro from 0:40 to 1:00, that part gives me goosebumps. The theme is of course played beautifully on a piano with underscoring of strings. It’s all a little too beautiful for this movie.


Marcelo Zarvos took me completely by surprise giving this movie a score it can’t possibly deserve. The beautiful theme has been on my mind lately and I can’t stop humming it to my newborn son for some reason. He seems to enjoy it and I love it even more. This is the best I have ever heard Zarvos and goes to show that when he writes thematic emotional themes he can really kick it out of the park.

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