Soundtrack Review: Black Sails (2014)

Soundtrack Review: Black Sails (2014)

Black Sails Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Black Sails by Bear McCreary.

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76 minutes of score
Geek Score: 97
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 68.95
Album Excellence: 91%
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As soon as I heard the opening theme of Black Sails, I almost fell off my chair in excitement. This was something new, something I never heard from Bear McCreary before. The first thoughts I had was that this was raw, gritty and unfiltered. Yes, this was something I don’t hear every day and I loved it. The raw power of this score is brilliant. The instruments Bear uses and the way he uses them puts me right on Captain Flint’s boat conquering the seas or on the filthy streets of Nassau while enjoying a hearty & bloody sword fight with my sworn enemy as pirates tend to do. For all his excellent talents, some of his music has been a bit “samey” but usually very good, but this is really like finding out there’s been something brilliant there all along and just recently unleashed in full bloom.

I am having so much fun listening to this score, and I don’t want it to end. With every track, there’s something powerful and wonderful to be heard and that is a fantastic feeling to have. The ethnic percussion and guitar, plus those raw strings sounds fantastic when put together in this way. Bear has really struck a chord with me here. This is pirate music. Pirates Of The Caribbean? Excellent fun, but romanticised Hollywood to the very core. Same can be said about John Debney’s fantastic Cutthroat Island. I repeat, THIS is pirate music and a very immersive experience, putting you right inside that world.

Listening to this score makes me wonder why there’s so little originality in today’s film scores. Why does 80% have to sound like Joe Hollywood while there are so many different ways a score can sound. Sure, I’ve been negative with experimental scores, but Black Sails is not experimental just for the sake of being new. Black Sails represents fantastic music, both off and on the screen and it does so with originality while keeping it fun and excellent in every way. I take my pirate off hat to you Mr. McCreary, this blew me away faster than a hundred pirate cannons could. Well done!

1. Theme From Black Sails
2. Nassau Shores
3. L’urca De Lima
4. The Banner Of Captain Flint
5. Captain Kidd
8. The Wrecks
9. Silver Overboard
10. A Nation Of Thieves
11. All Saints
12. Black Saisl Theme And Variations
13. Streets Of Nassau
14. The Andromache
16. Vane’s Vision
17. Funeral At Sea
18. The Parson’s Farewell
19. Pieces Of Eight
20. Black Sails Main Title

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