Soundtrack Review: Blindspot Season 1

Soundtrack Review: Blindspot Season 1

Blindspot Season 1 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Blindspot Season 1 by Blake Neely.

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Blindspot is a 2015 American crime drama television series created by Matin Gero and starring Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander & Rob Brown. When a beautiful woman (Jaimie Alexander) with no memory of who she is or how she got there is discovered naked in New York’s Times Square, the conspicuous etching of FBI Agent Kurt Weller’s (Sullivan Stapleton) name across her back quickly makes it obvious to whom the case should be assigned. An international plot blows up as Agent Weller and his team discover that each intricate tattoo on Jane Doe’s body is a crime to solve, creating a map that leads ever closer to the truth about her identity and mysteries yet to be revealed. The score is composed by Blake Neely.

Blindspot started with a bang and I thought the trailers made it look very appealing. I kind of dropped off a few episodes in though, but it was renewed for a season 2 which has just started so maybe it has gotten better as the season progressed. What is certain though is that Blake Neely is the new Bear McCreary. He is doing everything in TV these days and why not, he’s music is highly effective for it’s purpose. The score opens with ‘Birth’, and as the trailers showed, the opening of the series is a true mystery. Neely’s music reflects that with a moody opener, pulsating synths and various effects to make it sounds almost like science fiction. ‘Who Is Jane Doe? / Main Title Theme’ is the main theme, but it’s a rather forgettable one, but it does play on the moods Neely set in ‘Birth’ and it has an air of mystery over it. It’s highly effective, but who is going to remember it?

‘Reckoning’ confirms it. This is a score to be enjoyed on a textural level and it’s going to live by that. That’s fine by me though. This could be another pic-me-up score to evoke moods and get inspired in the moment, but not with long term in mind. Saying that, there’s a decent theme in ‘Ink’ and maybe that makes sense. It’s all about the ink isn’t it? Well, about Jane Doe too of course, but the ink tells the story so it makes sense to make it more memorable than the rest. I quite enjoy the music to Blindspot and it does have sort of an identity. I could definitely distinguish it from Neely’s other TV scores for example, but I don’t think I will remember it for very long. It is enjoyable on a pure textural level though. The mood is really nice and does give me something to think about.

4. Ink
10. The Truth Can Save You
15. And Now He’s Gone
19. Trying To Protect You

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