Soundtrack Review: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

Soundtrack Review: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! Soundtrack Review: This is a review of a film score Borderlands The Pre-Sequel! by Jesper Kyd, Des Shore & Justin Mullins.

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31 tracks
110 minutes of score
Geek Score: 74.8
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 8.13
Album Excellence: 7%
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So Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! is a prequel to Borderlands 2 that you may have heard of. Jesper Kyd is back and brings with him the music of Des Shore and Justin Mullins. I must admit I haven’t been a fan of the Borderlands music that has been released so far, but I’m hoping that this will be a much better experience. Jesper Kyd is certainly up to the task with his 16 cues. Those are the first 16 cues as well and they are pretty great. They are space-y, almost Blade Runner-esque cues and very catchy to boot. I also feel there is a significant portion that has some sort of retro element, it could be a sound or just the mood of the music. This was a very unexpected but happy surprise.

Des Shore and Justin Mullins provides yet more ambient to the mix, but they are different than Kyd’s efforts. These are really more suited for in-game exploration and in fact a few of the cues have “ambient” in the title making it very obvious. Even the ones with “battle” in the name is pretty ambient as well so there’s not really a difference in terms of style and mood. I definitely prefer Jesper Kyd’s cues that I think is a lot more exciting. Overall, this score is the best I have heard so far in the Borderlands series, but it has still a long way to go before it becomes really great.

3. Habitat
6. Lunar Surface

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