Soundtrack review: Bosch

Soundtrack review: Bosch

Bosch Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Bosch by Jesse Vocia.

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Geek Score: 83.7
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 21.4
Album Excellence: 26.8%

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Bosch is a 2014 American police procedural television series created by Michael Connelly and starring Titus Welliver, Jamie Hector & Amy Aquino. It was created for Amazon and is based loosely on Connelly’s novels “Trunk Music”, “The Drop” and “The Last Coyote”. Harry Bosch has murder on his mind. A former Special Forces officer who has done tours in the Middle East, Bosch is now a tenacious, jazz-loving homicide detective in the Hollywood Division of the LAPD. Bosch is faced with myriad challenges as he investigates suspicious deaths and follows trails of corruption — including the dark side of the police department — in his relentless pursuit of the truth. The critically acclaimed procedural is based on Michael Connelly’s series of best-selling novels. The score is composed by Jesse Voccia.

Bosch is the kind of detective show that I enjoy, although I’ve only seen the first season so far, but I’m eager to continue on with season 2 and 3. This score has music from all 3 seasons and I hear it’s renewed for season 4, so there will probably me more music coming. What I do remember from the show is of course the main theme ‘Can’t Let It Go’ from Caught A Ghost, but that’s not part of the score by Voccia. I do feel that the music can be built on similar “themes” though. The score opens with ‘End Of Watch’ and we get our first glimpse of what to expect. The music has a nice but serious ambient feel about it, minimalistic, long and lovely layers of synthpads. This is my kind of music. I’ve been getting hooked on these shows lately. I just finished Broadchurch season 2 and Cardinal season 1 and both has a similar quality on music. I guess it just fits a detective story.

The jazz elements from the opening theme is used throughout the score, sometimes in a very calm fashion, sometimes not. It’s classy, very stylish and the music almost has a slow noir feeling about it. This is the kind of music I had hoped to find in the score apart from the minimalistic ambient music. I think that works well for the character Bosch and the city where he works. The few cation cues doesn’t quite work for me though. ‘Chasing Hilton’ is one example. It’s a generic chase cue with some ethnic instruments added, but it doesn’t get the pulse racing. I definitely prefer the more investigative side of the story from Bosch’s point of view and that’s where the music excels. It’s a really long score and it has some lengthy bonus tracks as well, but there’s a lot of music that you will be cherry picking and that’s fine. Not everything works, but when it does it’s exciting.

2. End Of Watch
4. View From Above
5. Watching The Tapes
9. Accessing Records
11. Los Angeles
12. Mulholland Drive
14. Tangled In Her Web
15. Searching The Hotel Room
22. Mystery Lady
23. Goodnight
24. Goodbye Sharky
32. Walls Closing In
37. Might Really Be Him
39. Bosch End Title

41. The Woods

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