Soundtrack Review: Brigador, Vol. 1

Soundtrack Review: Brigador, Vol. 1

Brigador, Vol. 1 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Brigador, Vol. 1 by Matthew Pusti.

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Geek Score: 98.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 39.3
Album Excellence: 91.5%

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Brigador (formerly known as Matador) is an isometric real-time tactical game from independent studio Stellar Jockeys, released on October 16, 2015 on early access. It has been compared with the Syndicate[1] and MechWarrior series. You are a Brigador in the distant future. A combat pilot guiding both his assault mech and the future of Solo Nobre; A colony-planet once owned by a shadowy Corporation. To regain control of its investment, the Corporation hires Brigadors; mercenaries willing to destroy their home planet and take the lives of their fellow colonists in exchange for wealth beyond imagination and a one way ticket off of a planet in dire conflict. The score is composed by Matthew Pusti.

Matthew Pusti AKA Makeup And Vanity Set has been creating great electronic sounds since the early 2000s I think. I’ve come across them recently thanks to my interesting in synthwave, a genre specialising in creating that classic 80s synth music. With that in mind, I’m very enthusiastic about this score and I also see there’s a volume 2 coming soon. The score opens with ‘Solo Nobre’ and oh sweet lord what great sounds. I have just entered the time machine and is now in the 80s where everything is great. Oh there’s John Carpenter, there’s Giorgio Moroder and there’s Tangerine Dream. I feel every one of them in this music and it’s glorious. ‘There’s No Law Here’ is another darkwave synth cue, very aggressive. I love it. ‘No Way Out’ features more of what I love. The music doesn’t sound the same either. The melodies vary and the only thing that’s similar is the that it sounds great. This one does sound a bit lighter than the other, slightly. I imagine myself speeding on a neon highway with this one.

Not all cues are 80s. ‘March’ for example, doesn’t quite fit here. I’m sure it fits well within the game though, but as a cohesive album listen, I prefer it if all cues were related somehow. That one stood out to me. What stands out for me in a positive way though are the darker synth cues like ‘There Is No Law Here’ and ‘It’s Our Rules Now’. Cues like ‘Rise’ is good too, but I feel that I am drawn towards the dark ones. That being said, I feel the music could have been developed a bit further. I have heard Makeup And Vanity Set quite a bit better than here, and that says a lot because I am enjoying pretty much every cue on this score. There are no standout cues amongst the highlights and I so badly wanted it to be. What I got though is a great retro sounding score for my collection and that’s something to celebrate.

1. Solo Nobre
2. There Is No Law Here
3. No Way Out
5. A New Age
6. Rise
7. Great Leader Has Fallen
8. It’s Our Rules Now
9. Stealth
10. Fatal Flaw
11. Nexus
12. Continue

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