Soundtrack Review: Brimstone

Soundtrack Review: Brimstone

Brimstone Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Brimstone by Tom Holkenborg.

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Brimstone is a 2016 western film directed by Martin Koolhoven and starring Dakota Fanning, Carice van Houten & Kit Harington. A triumphant epic of survival and a tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against the unforgiving cruelty of a hell on earth. Our heroine is Liz (Dakota Fanning), carved from the beautiful wilderness, full of heart and grit, hunted by a vengeful Preacher (Guy Pearce) – a diabolical zealot and her twisted nemesis. But Liz is a genuine survivor; she’s no victim – a woman of fearsome strength who responds with astonishing bravery to claim the better life she and her daughter deserve. Retribution is coming. The score is composed by Tom Holkenborg.

Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL is diversifying and scoring this western thriller and I’ve heard that it’s not your typical Holkenborg score which should be interesting. The score opens with it’s title cue ‘Brimstone’ and it’s a slow opening piece with lots of ambience. The strings set this apart with a certain feel to them. Quite powerful and different than Holkenborg’s usual bombastic approach. This might just be a teaser though, but it’s certainly interesting enough to be a little bit excited for the rest of the score. It’s not great, but it’s a good start. I hope the score has more to offer than this and doesn’t go too deep into stale thriller mode.

It’s a western, but the music is more like a modern day thriller. The darkness is vast and Holkenborg is playing with it. I felt that the opening cue was quite dark, but that’s just the start as the music buries itself deeper and darker. If that’s the case, then adjust your expectations accordingly. Boy it’s dark though, borderline depressing. I’m struggling a bit with it at the moment because I’m not ready for it. I think to truly enjoy this score you need to know what to expect and your mind needs to be ready to process it. I know for a fact that I have loved scores like this given the right frame of mind. Currently it’s not accepting it, but that’s ok. I think this score will grow on me exponentially. I definitely have to give this another listen in the future, possibly after seeing the film to get that extra emotional connection. Until then, just remember that this isn’t a western score, but it’s a dark gloomy thriller score, lots of strings and ambient. Is that enough? Time will show.

15. Scold’s Bride

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