Soundtrack Review: Cabin Fever Patient Zero

Soundtrack Review: Cabin Fever Patient Zero

Soundtrack Review: Cabin Fever Patient Zero

Cabin Fever Patient Zero Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Cabin Fever Patient Zero by Kevin Riepl.

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Cabin Fever: Patient Zero AKA Cabin Fever 3 is a 2014 American horror film directed by Kaare Andrews and starring Sean Astin, Currie Graham & Ryan Donowho. The film is the third installment in the Cabin Fever franchise and acts as a prequel to the previous two films. A group of friends think they’re going to the perfect spot for a bachelor party; a secluded private island. They quickly learn the island is not as private as they thought. The island is home to a lab thought to be empty, but in actuality a deadly, extremely fast acting, flesh eating virus has just escaped containment. Now everyone on the island has to fight not only to survive the outbreak, but also to survive each other. The score is composed by Kevin Riepl.

Did you know there are 4 Cabin Fever films? Me neither. I’ve only seen the first one. I know that the score to the 2016 version was released recently, also by Kevin Riepl. Fun Fact: Ryan Shore scores the second film in the franchise. The score to the original Cabin Fever film was mostly by Nathan Barr with added music by Angelo Badalamenti. I thought Barr got the mood so perfect in the opening cue. Scary stuff. The score opens with the cue ‘Cabin Fever’ and although Riepl doesn’t go “all out” like Barr did in his opening cue, there are similarities. There’s no “theme” as such, but dissonant sounds slowly building up, but the percussion almost ruins it. Still, I love it. The title cue ‘Patient Zero’ is Riepl doing a bit of buildup again to give us the jump scares. The scares themselves doesn’t work as well as perhaps the mood building. I hope that continues. Another Fun Fact: In the score to the first film, Barr took everyone by surprise with the completely out of character cue ‘Lemonade’. It was the third cue by the way. In ‘Just Believer’ which is the third cue, you might think that Riepl was going to do the same thing with the percussion opening, but not so. This is getting scary. I do wish there would be less percussion and more ambiance though.

The first Cabin Fever disappointed me a bit because it started so well, but got kind of flat in the middle. I just hope this has more going for it. This does have more going for it actually and you’ll start to hear it pretty soon. It’s more vivid and fresh compared the original. It might not be too scary, but it has something. ‘Culture Time’ for example is a bit scary and also action-filled. Not the great cue in the world, but it’s sort of exciting. Cues like ‘Virgin Beach’ have a lovely science fiction mood to it and I’m liking the little violin shriek motif that pops up in a lot of cues. Yeah it’s decided. This is a lot more fun actually than the original score. It’s similar, but also different in the right kind of way. It almost feels a bit retro to me, even more so than the original. So, I would say that this has gotten the original beaten and it’s a very creepy sci-fi horror score that’s worth your time.

1. Cabin Fever
5. Culture Time
6. Virgin Beach
7. Swim With The Fishes
10. Rubs The Lotion On
12. Looking For Help
14. Bunker Down
16. Pennyskin
20. Three Blind Guys

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