Soundtrack Review: Camera Obscura

Soundtrack Review: Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Camera Obscura by Steve Moore.

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Geek Score: 99.2
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 71.2
Album Excellence: 95%

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Camera Obscura is a 2017 American horror film directed by Aaron B. Koontz and starring Christopher Denham, Nadja Bobyleva & Catherine Curtin. A veteran war photographer with PTSD sees imminent deaths in his developed photos, questioning his already fragile sanity and putting the lives of those he loves in danger. The score is composed by Steve Moore.

Normally I don’t think I would be interested in this movie. Don’t get me wrong, it looks OK, but the real reason I’m looking into it is the compose Steve Moore. I recently listened to a score called Mayhem also composed by Moore and I was immediately taken to a very happy place as the music and myself got close. We got so close that there might be babies. I also remember a score Moore did a couple of years ago called Cub. Steve Moore is a synthwave kind of guy, my kind of guy. This is someone who has deep unhinged love for the 80s and it’s music. This shows very clearly in his albums and score. You hire this guy for your project and you know what you’re going to get. This means his fans know what they’ll get as well.

The score opens with the cue ‘Charlie Hibbert’ and as expected, the synths just pour out, in a dark and wonderful way. It’s perhaps a bit too dark to get any 80s juice out of it for the first minute or so, but then a swirling retro synth appears and he’s back to where he belongs and I’m once again in my happy place. If you’re looking for proper scary horror, Moore is usually not your man for that. What it is though is usually a haunting and unique listening experience and if you’re as old as me, you’ll probably find his music very nostalgic.

It does channel 80s horror and science fiction in a big way. If I were to criticize it a little, it’s that I can’t find any big themes or huge moments in the score I will remember. Instead Moore focus on mood and there’s none better when it comes to 80s synth moods. If you want a more melodic 80s experience there are other scores like Eddie The Eagle by Matthew Margeson which is one of the better scores I’ve heard in recent years and there’s always Kung Fury and Turbo Kid. When you listen to Steve Moore’s music though you come to appreciate what he does and I truly think there’s no one better at the moment to give me that lovely and smooth 80s horror/sci-fi mood.

1. Charlie Hibbert
2. The Gift
3. Back On The Horse
4. Night Run
5. A Bit Of An Issue
6. Jack To The Rescue
7. Honeymoon Killer
8. Up Early
9. Petermann’s
10. Get Some Sleep
11. Crazy Story
12. Turning Point
13. Owner Manager Friend
14. Frank And Nada
15. Bad Week
16. God Bless America
18. How Far He Falls
19. Full Service
20. Just One More
21. Always Going To Be You
22. Jack’s Lament
23. Weird Things
24. Call It In
25. The End

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