Soundtrack Review: Carmel-By-The-Sea

Soundtrack Review: Carmel-By-The-Sea

Carmel-By-The-Sea Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Carmel-By-The-Sea by Jim Dooley.

Carmel-By-The-Sea aka Carmel is your traditional coming of age movie with young stars Josh Hutcherson and Hayden Panettiere. The main character is a lost kid with an amazing talent for painting. The characted played by Alfred Molina soon discovers it and have him copy famous art in order to make it rich. Directed by first time director Lawrence Roeck it seems like a very nice movie and the composer is Jim Dooley who recently scored the video game Epic Mickey.

Track List

1. Eden *****
2. Hostile Hotel / Hungry & Homeless *****
3. Beach Race / Denied *****
4. Cleaned Up / Sewer Despair ****
5. Den Discovery ****
6. Who Painted It? / Beach House Mischief ****
7. 40 Years Ago *****
8. First Forgery / Forget Your Mom / Overly Sentimental *****
9. Art Lesson / Where Is He? ****
10. New Home Invitation *****
11. Crack Mom / Where Is He? ****
12. Studio Search *****
13. Every Detail ****
14. Beach Intervention *****
15. New Home / End Credits *****

I discovered this score by accident. I had never heard of the movie, but I know of the composer. I was looking for something new, since I have written a review of every major score out this year so far. A blog showed me a picture of an album cover and I searched iTunes and voila!
And boy am I glad I bought this gem…

The beauty of scores like this for movies no one has ever heard of is that the composer usually get free reigns to do what he or she wants. The director is also new so it couldn’t have been a better time for Jim Dooley to really show who he is.

And does he!

I am going to use painting as a metaphor because Dooley truly paints with instruments. The cues flow and the themes roll on one after the other. Melodically it hits the sweet spot for me. It’s classical, orchestral in nature, but it just hits the line before it goes into traditional pop realm.

The main theme that plays out in ‘Eden’ is just awesome. Get your tissues out, because this is a wonderful moment in cinema. The piano and strings paint over each other beautifully like two brushes dancing over a canvas. Perfect! A strong contender for cue of the year for me.

There’s just so many themes in this score I have lost count! ‘Beach Race / Denied’ has another heartfelt theme that just hits me with all it’s emotional force. Lovely stuff by Dooley and when it really hits the high after 1 minute it’s like flying for a moment.


The movie might not be out yet, but you can enjoy the score early. It is a scorcher! We can only hope the movie will be half as good, because Dooley has played this one out of the park. The strings, the piano, the themes are all top quality stuff by a composer who obviously has been given the wrong movies to score. Jom Dooley as a heartfelt drama composer? Yes please, more! Grab this one as soon as you can and listen to what really beautiful film music can sound like.

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