Soundtrack Review: Castlevania – Lords Of Shadow 2 (2014)

Soundtrack Review: Castlevania – Lords Of Shadow 2 (2014)

Castlevania – Lords Of Shadow 2 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the video game score Castlevania – Lords Of Shadow 2 by Oscar Araujo.

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31 tracks
104 minutes of score
Geek Score: 92.9
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 77.1
Album excellence: 74%
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The Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow series have almost become the benchmark of top video game score quality in recent years. It topped it last year with the excellent DLC Mirror Of Fate that just shows that the original score for Lords Of Shadow wasn’t a one-hit-wonder. Oscar Araujo just have a way of churning out these epic themes one after another and so it comes as no surprise that this score is the most anticipated game score of the year for me. No pressure eh? Oscar?

I was never in doubt that this score would be great, but what’s different? Well, Araujo takes a more electronic approach to a few cues and even emulates Zimmer with the excellent ‘Dying For A Drop Of Blood’. Still, there’s plenty of Araujo to go around and this score is an evolution of his previous Lords Of Shadow scores. Evolution comes at a price though because some people want more of the same and they won’t get that. For those of you still with me, there’s absolutely cues with crazy amount of energy and power that needs to be on everyone’s epic playlist like ‘The Toy Maker’.

If you want to buy this, don’t do it on iTunes or Amazon. Buy it at for a bunch of bonus tracks, 12 actually, which takes the score to an impressive 1 hour and 45 minutes and the price is about the same. To be fair though, the best music is already available on the standard score, but there are a few cues you shouldn’t miss from the Director’s Cut edition. As fantastic as this score is, I wish the score relied less on electronics and more on a proper orchestra. It’s just something about that sound that I loved so much in the first score, that’s missing in the sequel. This series is the game world’s equivalent of The Lord Of The Rings series musically perhaps only rivalled by the Skyrim series. Each score is incredibly impressive and as a whole it’s truly spectacular. This is a no-brainer, a must buy.

1. The Throne Room
2. Brotherhood Assault
3. Dying For A Drop Of Blood
4. The Toy Maker
5. The Paladin Of God
6. Descent To The Castle Dungeons
7. The Siege Titan
8. Dracula’s Theme
9. Hunter And Prey
12. The Power Of Void
13. City In Flames
14. Castlevania
15. Carmilla’s Flight
16. A Man Of God
17. Chaotic Battle
18. Satan
19. Carmilla’s Spell
21. Titanic Struggle
22. Return To the Castle
26. Underground Forge
30. Credits 1
31. Credits 2

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