Soundtrack Review: Chicago Fire Season 2

Soundtrack Review: Chicago Fire Season 2

Chicago Fire Season 2 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Chicago Fire Season 2 by Atli Orvarsson.

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Lakeshore Records recently released the television scores to Chicago Fire and both the completed seasons are covered. Season 3 is ongoing now so there’s hope for that later. Chicago Fire tells the story about the people working at Chicago Fire Department. In the first season they had to deal with the death of a fireman, abd the music was very emotional and quite calm. There were a couple of action cues, but those weren’t as memorable as the rest of the score. I’m wondering what direction the series is going in season 2. I have only watched the pilot episode, but I assume season 2 has different issues to deal with. The music might be different as well. The composer is still Atli Orvarsson.

It starts with a cue called ‘Boden’s Retirement’ which is continuing where season 1 left off. The cue is a mood setting cue for the first 50 seconds, quite calm and emotional, but a bit darker than the music heard in season 1. The rest of the cue is an all-out action cue and the percussion sounds better than in season 1. It is more heavy and carries more weight. Quite like this. Still it doesn’t answer my question. Where is this going? What’s the journey in season 2? ‘Heather In Prison’ is interesting. It’s a calm piano cue, but not very heroic or inspirational, rather a bit moody. Does that mean the age of power themes is gone? ‘Arson Fire’ is a another moody cue, setting the mood to depressing.

It’s heating up now, pun intended, with ‘Factory Fire Call’ which is an action cue, a very modern one and some would say generic. I think the synth horn motif is saving this cue. Without it I’d agree it would be quite generic, but with those horns it has a very good and powerful theme. There’s also an effect like garbled screams near the end. Very cool. ‘Benny’s Baggage’ is similar to the season 1 music. Quite emotional. The first truly inspirational moment comes in form of ‘No Regrets’. There’s a brilliant theme here that builds up. Makes me want to go out there and conquer the world. No regrets! The cue has some darker parts in between. Doubt maybe? ‘Helping Casey’ is stuck between action, thriller and drama and doesn’t know what it wants to be. I like the action parts at the beginning and the calmer parts near the end. ‘Underwater Rescue’ is back to action. The percussion is back to what it was in season 1 until about a minute in, a bit weak, but I love the horn parts and the percussion really explodes for a few seconds there. Similar to ‘No Regrets’, ‘Heavy Weight Montage’ is a lovely build up pop motif. ‘Casey And The Darden Boys’ is another winner. After that cue its going into a bit of a stale period though. Good music, but nothing remarkable.

It ends with ‘Boden Proposes’ a really nice and emotional cue. ‘Saving Nathan’ is no less emotional and just as great. It feels like those Zimmer-like buildup cues. The final cue ‘Casey and Dawson’ is a rather light cue, but its my favorite cue of the score. It’s so beautiful to just sit back and listen to as the piano motif builds up. I even heard some thunder in there. It’s a perfect ending.

Chicago Fire Season 2 is a great follow up to Chicago Fire Season 1 score. If I’m honest, it’s not quite as good, but it has it’s moments. Season 2 has the best cues, but less of them. Both needs some love as there’s plenty to love here. There are emotional themes, good action, but most of all it is the gripping and light drama that gets me in the end. The music doesn’t get dark and depressive except for a couple of occasions. This is a score to just enjoy. Bring on season 3!

1. Boden’s Retirement
4. Factory Fire Call
6. Benny’s Baggage
7. No Regrets
9. Heather Is Leaving
11. Heavy Weight Montage
13. Casey And The Darden Boys
18. Borden Proposes
19. Saving Nathan
20. Casey And Dawson

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