Soundtrack Review: Christus

Soundtrack Review: Christus

Christus Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Christus by Marco Frisina.

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Geek Score: 97.4
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 62.8
Album Excellence: 81.8%

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Christus is a 1916 Italian drama film directed by Giulio Anamoro and starring Alberto Pasquali, Amleto Novelli and Leda Gys. The film is divided into three segments which are referred to as mysteries, the first of these includes the birth of Jesus, the Magi, Herod and the slaughter of the innocents, the escape to Egypt and Pilate. The second part takes in the preaching of the Jordan, the expulsion of the merchants from the Temple, the adulteress and the entry into Jerusalem. The third Mystery is itself then divided into three separate parts, which are The Passion, The Death and The Resurrection. The score is composed by Marco Frisina.

Now how come a movie from 1919 has a musical score? It doesn’t, at least not the original work, but it was added as part of a 1999 restoration and it’s not the first time that happened with movies this old. It is of course a silent movie so the music is becoming the most important aspect of it and I can’t wait to get started. The score opens with ‘Prologo Del Christus’ and wow, the choir that starts the score is sounding great and I’m already in awe. This is looking good, very good indeed. The music is of high quality and it has that classic orchestral feel to it. There’s a big element of drama here even though the music is calming. It’s the way the music has been constructed and the motif. I feel a struggle, a biblical struggle when I hear this music. What I do know is that it’s very beautiful. Well that opening certainly upped the stakes and I just hope that the rest can follow it with dignity and grace.

Luckily the whole score is build upon the same formula. Big slow orchestral music of the highest quality hits my ears and I am definitely on board with that. When you have your bases covered with the orchestral side of things and then you add high quality choral music to it, you have a winner in my book. This is exactly what Frisina has done. The only thing I miss is perhaps that defining theme, but this could easily have been a Ben-Hur if it only had a few outstanding themes. The themes themselves is fine, but I am more impressed with the music in general, how it sounds, how it flows. That’s movie music magic. That being said, the theme presented in ‘Erode’ and ‘Fuga In Egitto’ is pure Morricone loveliness. Yes, this is a score you need to have in your collection because it’s a love letter to how music used to be, grand, orchestral and majestic. Get it now.

1. Prologo Del Christus
2. Giuseppe E Maria
3. Natale
4. I Magi
5. Erode
6. Strage Degli Innocenti
7. Fuga In Egitto
8. L’infanzia Di Gesu
10. La Tentazioni
11. Maddalena
12. In Galilea
13. Ingresso In Gerusalemme
14. L’ultima Cena
17. Davanti A Pilato
18. Giuda Al Sinedrio
19. Via Crucis Tri La Folla
20. La Croce Sul Golgata
21. La Risurrezione Dal Sepolcro
22. L’ascensione Sul Monte Degli
23. La Deposizione Della Croce

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