Soundtrack Review: Collide

Soundtrack Review: Collide

Collide Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Collide by Ilan Eshkeri.

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Geek Score: 73.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 6.3
Album Excellence: 14.1%

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Collide is a 2016 British-German-Chinese action film directed by Eran Creevy and starring Nicholas Hoult, Felicity Jones & Anthony Hopkins. Casey, an American living in Cologne, Germany, works with his friend Matthias for a drug dealer, Geran, as money runners. He meets Juliette, another American, one night while she tends bar at one of Geran’s hangouts. Though interested in him, Juliette turns him down when he asks her out, stating that she wants nothing to do with someone who runs in Geran’s circles, but to look her up when he gets out. Inspired by the conversation, Casey quits his job with Geran, asks Juliette out, and the two quickly begin dating and move in together. All is well for the pair until Juliette suddenly has a seizure one evening, and is rushed to the hospital. Told that her kidney is failing, and because she is not a citizen of Germany that she is unqualified for the transplant treatment, Casey proposes that they move back to America for her treatment. In order to obtain the money for the operation and save Juliette, Casey goes back to work for Geran in order to pull off a large drug theft from Germany’s biggest drug dealer, Hagen Kahl. The score is composed by Ilan Eshkeri.

The trailer makes this movie look alright, but the critics hated it and it bombed at the box office. Got a decent audience score though, but it’s going into "movies to check out if I’ve run out of things to see" pile so I don’t expect to be checking it out soon-ish. The score could be fun though, but it feels like forever since Eshkeri has scored an action movie and made it sound great. Must have been 47 Ronins. It was good though. Let’s hope he does something great with this. The score opens with ‘Collision’, and although it starts in a calm bright fashion it gets dark quite fast. There’s literally no percussion for the first half unless you count some faint rumbling in the underscore. The percussion comes, but I preferred the moody opening of the cue.

There’s a lot of positivity going on in the opening cues, a little to do with love no doubt. Eshkeri is rocking the whole indie love thing with ‘Scrap Yard’ and ‘Juliet’. What about the action? Well action is one thing and tense music is another. ‘The Job’ doesn’t do well at all in that regard. ‘Truck Heist’ is an action piece, but it’s not really that engaging and fun to be honest. That’s the thing with the action cues on this score, it’s just not very fun. It’s mostly percussion and limited motifs running the show. The best bit in this score was the love cues, but they are very few and so it doesn’t deliver on what it should with the action and that what’s let this score down big time.

2. Scrap Yard
4. Juliet
15. Operation

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