Soundtrack Review: Coneheads

Soundtrack Review: Coneheads

Coneheads Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Coneheads by David Newman.

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13 tracks
35 minutes of score
Geek Score: 100
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 35.22
Album Excellence: 100%

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Coneheads is a 1993 science fiction comedy film produced by Lorne Michaels, directed by Steve Barron and starring Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin and Michelle Burke. It is based on a number of Saturday Night Live sketches from 1977 until 1979 starring Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin as the Coneheads. They are obviously aliens from the planet Remulak who find themselves stranded on earth. All they wanted was to invade earth, but since they’re here, they might as well try to blend in. While on earth, their leader back on Remulak reminds them of their task to enslave the earth, and although it’s the coneheads intention, they inadvertently falls in love with the earth and they even give birth to a daughter which further complicates things. Strangely enough, as a big fan of Dan Aykroyd, Jane Curtin and Saturday Night Live, I somehow missed this film which even features cameos from Jason Alexander and Michael Richards which I love so much from Seinfeld. This has got to be watched. Until then, we finally have the score recently released by Intrada Records. The score is composed by David Newman.

We start with ‘Opening Credits’ that opens with an otherworldly choir before going into a lovely space-y sci-fi sequence, horns and everything. At 54 seconds in there’s an evil sounding march, perhaps the Remulak’s who wants to invade earth? It then goes into a Danny Elfman-like phase, quirky, gothic, fun. The choir specially gives the music a sci-fi feel to it and the twirling synth harp sound. Beautiful! Great opening cue. The twirling synth continues in ‘Eating Soap’, but there are some lovely references to 50s sci-fi movies here with a theremin-like synth. Got to love that. Newman is having a lot of fun with sci-fi references while giving the music a comedic feel to it without going into too much mickey mousing and slapstick. ‘Communicator’ is another great little cue, more calm, but still very sci-fi like, and it’s a sound I really enjoy. ‘Seedling & Eli’ is much more fast-paced starting with some military rhythm. The faster parts really reminds me a bit of Elfman’s Pee-Wee scores, zany and incredibly fun. Newman had some amazing comedy scores written in the 80s/90s and they have one thing in common, fun, and Coneheads is no exception.

I’m loving the craziness of ‘The Symbol’, fast paced, oompahs, and just the right kind of loopy. ‘Bed Talk’ is the first cue that plays more on my earthly feelings with a sweet and soft cue (strings and horns). According to the liner notes, this is when they really fall in love with earth. It’s beautiful. Newman can make some amazing emotional music as he has proven time and time again and this is one of those times. It gets to be more space-y at 1:30, but still remain very beautiful. My favourite “soft” cue from the score. ‘What’s With The Head’ is funny, and it also has a waltz to end it. They really don’t make comedy music like this anymore. ‘Human Authority Figure’ is my second favourite “zany” cue, lots of wonderful classic comedy references and sci-fi humour. Such a beautifully crafted cue of music. The otherworldly choir is back in ‘Blunt Teeth’ for a wonderful return to form. The ending is almost over the top with ‘Master Speech’ that has a heroic feel to it and it also has a sweet emotional moment like ‘Bed Talk’ did. Ok, Newman, now you’ve done it. ‘Return To Earth’ is a mix of Elfman’s Batman material, Pee-Wee and everything else in between. It’s awesome though. I’ve never heard Newman quite like this, not in this mode before. This suits him very well though. What an ending!

Right, I’m off to see the movie right now. Haven’t had this fun with a comedy score in ages. Loved every single cue from the 50s sci-fi references, to the Elfman references, to the emotions and everything in between. This is genuinely one of Newman’s best comedy efforts and that takes some doing because he was really delivering them back in the day. This is a score you can’t miss under any circumstance. A winner, in every possible way. Get it now!

1. Opening Credits
2. Eating Soap
3. Communicator
4. Seedling & Eli
5. The Symbol
6. Phlairndep
7. Bed Talk *
8. What’s With The Head
9. The Big Phone
10. Human Authority Figure
11. Blunt Teeth
12. Master Speech *
13. Return To Earth *

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