Soundtrack Review: Conquest 1453 (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Conquest 1453 (2012)

Conquest 1453 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Conquest 1453 by Benjamin Wallfisch.

“Not quite Zimmer, but epic nonetheless and a superb effort by Benjamin Wallfisch to create the score this film needed.”

Conquest 1453, also known as Fetih 1453 is a Turkish film, but not any Turkish film. It’s the most successful film ever in Turkey. In 1453, the Byzantine capital of constantinople is surrounded by Ottoman Turks. The city is a mere shadow of it’s former self, but there will be battle. The score is composed by Benjamin Wallfisch.

Track List

1. Mehmet’s Theme 100
2. Duel 80
3. The Prophecy 100
4. The Promise 100
5. Basilica 100
6. The Resistance 80
7. Harbour 80
8. Nightmare 80
9. Journey 80
10. Destiny 60
11. Diplomacy Fails 60
12. Arrows of Fire 80
13. Era and Hassan 100
14. Hippodrome 80
15. Halil Summoned 60
16. Easter 80
17. War Drums 60
18. Attack 80
19. Mehmet Contemplates 60
20. Era’s Transformation 80
21. Factory 80
22. Mehmet’s War 80
23. Aftermath 80
24. Tunnel 60
25. Isolation 60
26. The Stone of Eyüp 100
27. Pulling the Ships 100
28. Leader of Men 100
29. Goodbye 100
30. End Game 80
31. My Life for My Flag 100
32. A Child of Istanbul 100

Benjamin Wallfisch is a very young composer who is perhaps most known for scoring The Escapist in 2008. The score is pretty hyped up as being epic by MovieScore Media, and they would be correct. This has all the hallmarks of an epic score, but not without it’s quarks. The opening theme ‘Mehmet’s Theme’ and particularly ‘The Prophecy’ shows why MovieScore Media was so confident. It has massive string sections and a theme that Hans Zimmer would be proud of creating. Speaking of Zimmer, this has it’s fair share of Zimmer-ism and if you hate that kind of music, you might be disappointed.

I am far from done with Zimmer’s epic period of music and Benjamin Wallfisch brings his own style into it as well. It’s pretty damn good to be honest. The themes are incredibly good like the lovely ‘Era and Hassan’ and ‘The Stone of Eyup’.
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Not quite Zimmer, but epic nonetheless and a superb effort by Benjamin Wallfisch to create the score this film needed. It is truly terrific to hear young composers like Wallfisch create something like this. It makes being a soundtrack geek worthwhile.


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