Soundtrack Review: Contact

Soundtrack Review: Contact

Contact Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Contact by Alan Silvestri.

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13 tracks
45 minutes of score
Geek Score: 100
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 44.52
Album Excellence: 100%
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Contact from 1997 is a great movie and director Robert Zemeckis has a lot to do with that, but also his scoring partner Alan Silvestri. This movie is about that initial first contact with possible alien life. What would you do? It’s all very exciting and Zemeckis does it again. Alan Silvestri is once more doing what he does best, writing excellent music for Robert Zemeckis films. Contact is dark, it’s light, it’s beautiful, bold and inspirational. It’s a little bit of everything. ‘Awful Waste Of Space’ is a great uplifting start, a little bit alien and a whole lot of inspiration. This review is part of Composer Of The Month.

The most space-y track is perhaps ‘Primer’ which sounds oddly like those old Ron Jones Star Trek The Next Generation TV episode music and that’s not a bad thing in my book. This score sounds a bit different than any Zemeckis/Silvestri. It has an amazing theme but rarely use it, but that ‘Contact – End Credits’ is just what you need. It has something else that’s great. It has a unique space-y sound to it and it adds some very exciting music on top. The music never stop being exciting which I think is remarkable. Jerry Goldsmith used to be a master and it seems Silvestri can do it too. This is a quiet masterpiece.

What a score this is. It’s not as exciting as Back To The Future, nor as action filled as Beowulf and it doesn’t have the beauty of Forrest Gump, but it does have 45 minutes of wonderful exploration of humanity and beyond. It’s a perfect match with the film and it’s also great on album.

1. Awful Waste Of Space
2. Ellie’s Bogey
3. The Primer
4. Really Confused
5. Test Run Bomber
6. Heart Attack
7. Media Event
8. Button Me Up
9. Good To Go
10. No Words
11. Small Moves
12. I Believe Her
13. Contact – End Credits

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