Soundtrack Review: Crazy Eyes (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Crazy Eyes (2012)

Crazy Eyes Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Crazy Eyes by Bobby Johnston.

“Crazy Eyes is a very original and quirky score.”

This is a quirky comedy about an alcoholic, Zach, who party like there’s no tomorrow. He then meets a girl who has “crazy eyes” as he likes to call it, and everything starts to change for him. It’s directed by Adam Sherman and starring Luke Haas, Madeline Zima and Jake Busey. The score is composed by Bobby Johnston.

Track List

2. The Hieronymus Bosch Exhibit 60
3. It Won’t Be a Struggle 60
5. There’s No Such Thing as a Lingerie Designer 60
6. Rebecca and Vladimir 60
8. Nobody Told Me That God Is Real 60
9. I Gotta Go to New York 60
11. All the Loves of My Life Are Scorpios 60
12. The Morning After 80
14. Zach Drives Home 60
16. New Years Day 60
18. Goodbye Crazy Eyes 60

It’s weird and quirky score time and here to provide it is Bobby Johnston who scored the horror/thriller “Mother’s Day” I reviewed earlier. Crazy Eyes is a comedy about love, alcoholism and LA, a recipe for craziness. This score is definitely not for everyone, and that can be a very negative thing. I would say that the score is definitely interesting. It has a bluesy/jazzy sound to it, a lazy sound, and it’s definitely original.

It quickly get very boring however as even the originality of the cues blend into the next trying to be more sophisticated and original, but I don’t feel the score at all. It’s quite emotionless for me and that’s what kills it for me.


Crazy Eyes is a very original and quirky score, but it’s not a great one in my opinion. It doesn’t move me or make me emotional. Instead it goes on from one cue to the next trying to be as quirky and cool as it can be, but doesn’t really progress. Buy it at your own risk!


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