Soundtrack Review: Dark Net

Soundtrack Review: Dark Net

Dark Net Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Dark Net by Justin Melland.

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Total Minutes Of Excellence: 25.7
Album Excellence: 41.5%

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Dark Net is a 2016 American documentary television series created by Mati Kochavi and narrated by Lauren Terp. In the 21st century, most people use the Internet on a daily basis, but there is more to the worldwide network than what is at its surface. This documentary series explores that often-disturbing darker side of the Internet. The dark web, as it’s known, was originally intended to be a hidden area where members of the intelligence community could privately meet, but it is increasingly being exploited by online predators and criminals. Each half-hour episode details a particular theme, which include cyberkidnapping, digital warfare, online cults and pornography addiction. “Dark Net” intends to raise thought-provoking conversations about technology and privacy. The score is composed by Justin Melland.

I noticed this series last year when it’s debuted and it got me hooked really fast. A really interesting docu series about the internet first and foremost. I can’t say I remember the music, but the material presented in the series was so fascinating I’ve probably just focused on that. As I partly expected, the opening cue ‘Trouble’ is all about technology with a thriller like bass pushing it’s agenda. It’s all very exciting and I can’t believe I haven’t been paying attention to the score. It’s the obvious way to score a docu series like this because an all out orchestral score would seem weird given the context. The music is also a bit experimental and off beat. I like it though, but there’s a lot to go on still. It could go either way.

The experimentation seems to be used only sparingly, and I am happy for that. Instead this score gives me something else. It has a strong emphasis on moods, but generated purely through synth music. It’s minimalistic in it’s build up but it’s also very aggressive in it’s sound. That’s a very strong combination in my book. It doesn’t give me a lot in the way of beautiful themes, but on occasion, like with cues ‘It Will Feel Natural’, there’s a stronger thematic element at play. On very rare occasions, there’s some orchestral elements like piano, but no need to worry, it’s stronly rooted in electronica and I think it’s the right choice for the score. It has a bit of everything electronic music enthusiasts can enjoy including a very retro ‘Who’s Face Are You Wearing?’ in which the first half sounds like it could have been a part of Stranger Things. Dark Net is probably one of the least surprising scores coming out this year, but that’s a good thing. It’s entertaining and it works.

2. Who’s Knocking
3. A New Level
4. It Will Feel Natural
6. Run
8. Behind The Curtain
10. Lost Days
11. Who’s Face Are You Wearing?
12. Nothing Is Certain
13. 1234 Ways To Lose
14. Under Skyless Stars
17. 2+2 Is Not Four
20. Hacking Is Over
30. Give Me Liberty
32. Violate
36. We Didn’t Need To Run
41. Let’s Ride
42. Nothing Is Sacred
43. I Would Come Over
45. It’s Over

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