Soundtrack Review: Dark Waves

Soundtrack Review: Dark Waves

Dark Waves Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Dark Waves by Alexander Cimini.

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Dark Waves AKA Bellerofonte is a 2015 Italian fantasy film directed by Domiziano Cristopharo and starring Giovanni Andriuoli, Angelo Campus & David D’Ingeo. Sophiane, an ex French legionary, brings his wife Jazira in a new home: an ancient tower on the open sea. Day by day, they have to deal with strange events, and soon the couple have to face a past that both desired to forget. One day, while he is sailing, Sophiane finds three little gold nuggets, and gives them to his wife. But they are in fact golden teeth that belonged to three pirates… and they rise from the water (and from death) to have them back. The score is composed by Alexander Cimini.

It’s good to finally get a new score from Cimini. I listened to Red Krokodil, a score to a 2012 film, and that was brilliant. Since then it’s been quiet, but Kronos releases their second Cimini score with the very interesting Dark Waves which happens to be in the fantasy and horror genre which is my kind of genre. Exciting! And exciting it is with the opening theme ‘Bellerofonte Main Theme’ a haunting fantasy theme which reminds me of the British Narnia for some reason. The solo horn and the vocals. Yep, this is off to a great start. Speaking of opening theme. The opening title theme to the score is composed by Marco Werba and is the final cue on this score, ‘Love Song (Opening Title Theme)’. I consider the music quite light even though it had a darkness surrounding it. ‘The Town’ is even lighter, almost sunny and bright. This is going places though, exciting places. ‘The Arrival’ brings more peace and tranquility but that’s about to change.

With ‘The Tower’ comes a darkness not visited before in this score. There’s a dark woodwind here, really dark, a bassoon maybe. It’s kind of shocking how deep it goes even though I know it does. Still, that’s great but the music is venturing into vocal epics quite frequently and I’m not complaining. Well maybe I’m complaining a bit. I love the epic vocals, but I have to say I really want to feel the darkness as well, on a whole different level. I love the vocals, I really do. It’s not enough of vocal scores these days and this seems to be one of the better ones. I still have the feeling that I’m getting dragged along, but not much happens. It’s too constrained, yet I am spellbound by the vocals. Is it wrong to want more than it currently is? Well wrong or not, I definitely want this to be more.. “crazy”. Go a little bonkers. It’s dark fantasy after all. Can’t fault this score though because of it’s wonderful vocals.

1. Bellerofonte Main Theme
3. The Arrival
4. The Tower
6. Love Scene
7. Hidden Mysteries
10. Dressing
11. Follow Me (Film Version)
13. Farewell
14. Memories Lost In The Sea (End Credits)

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