Soundtrack Review: Darling

Soundtrack Review: Darling

Darling Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Darling by Giona Ostinelli.

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Geek Score: 81.3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 5.3
Album Excellence: 8.7%

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Darling is a 2015 American psychological horror film directed by Mickey Keating and starring Lauren Ashley Carter, Brian Morvant and Sean Young. A young woman slowly goes crazy after taking a job as the caretaker for an ancient New York home. The score is composed by Giona Ostinelli.

Now this seems to me like a movie I’d enjoy. At least the premise is exciting and musically there should be a lot of interesting twists and turns with the horror aspect and the whole madness aspect. I’ve never heard a Giona Ostinelli score so that’s exciting as well. The score opens in a place that’s not very happy, that much is clear. ‘NYC Pt. 1’ is filled with atmospherics, loud noises that could be like screams in the night. Yeah we’re in horror land now and I’m enjoying it. This could be good, this could be very good. ‘Darling’, the title cue is a nice little piano ostinato cue that freaks me out in the end. Good stuff. Horror atmospherics is the best isn’t it? Well maybe not the best, but surely one of my favourite things to listen to and I listen to a lot of music.

Horror can be a lot of things to a lot of people. What signifies great and amazing horror scoring to me is when I get genuinely scared and there are some composers who are just masters at that. In this score I feel that there are moments, but not everything works. What works for me for example is ‘Abyssus’ with it’s interesting choice of instruments and how the music “sings” in a creepy way. ‘Dragging The Body’ includes some interesting water effects as part of the horror atmospherics. It’s very experimental but I feel the addiction listening to this. It’s intriguing and I want to hear more. Sure, the music doesn’t scare me much, but I really don’t know where this score is taking me and it’s a journey I want to see through.

there aren’t many surprises here. You get pretty much what’s expected and what you hear in the opening cue. It’s unnerving and creepy, but not quite scary for the most parts. The only “surprise” was the “screams” in the opening cue and the interesting and scary instruments used in ‘Abyssus’. What is great though is the overall listening experience. I never felt bored, but rather excited when I listened to the score and it was a fun score to listen to. What do you think of the score?

1. NYC pt.1
5. Abyssus
13. Invocation

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