Soundtrack Review: Dawning Promises (2013)

Soundtrack Review: Dawning Promises (2013)

Dawning Promises Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the trailer score Dawning Promises by ICON.

At a glance:

20 tracks
48 minutes of score
Geek Score: 93
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 33.75
Album Excellence: 70%
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How are the scores calculated and what does it mean?

ICON Trailer Music has been around for a few years, but seems largely forgotten thanks to Audiomachine and Two Steps From Hell. That doesn’t mean they are any worse. Still, ICON is however considered a newcomer to the scene and I think this is their first official album release.

Make no mistake, there are some really great trailer tracks on here. It starts off with ‘A Legacy Uncovered’ which has some enthralling chanting and a very hypnotic percussion track. It’s not a very varied trailer album as they mostly go for your typical epic trailer track. Nothing wrong with that though. There are a lot of great material for the trailer music fan and I think you definitely should add this to your collection.

1. A Legacy Uncovered
2. A Mighty Force
3. Dawning Promises
4. Origins Unveiled
5. The Protector Prepares
6. Hero To the Helpless
7. The Eye Of The Oracle
9. Devising Dangerous Designs
11. Rewarding Radiance
12. The Burden of a Blessing
13. When Dusk Turns Dark
18. Eternal Honor
19. Visions of Grandeur
20. Purity Shall Prevail

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