Soundtrack Review: Dead Souls (2012)

Soundtrack Review: Dead Souls (2012)

Dead Souls Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Dead Souls by Jonathan Bartz & Matthew Llewellyn.

“Dead Souls is a wonderful contribution to the world of horror scores.”

Dead Souls is a 2012 horror film directed by Colin Theys and starring Bill Moseley, Jesse James and Magda Apanowicz. On his 18th birthday, Johnny Petrie learns he was adopted when he inherits a farm in Maine, abandoned for the 18 years since his natural family died at the hands of his father, the local preacher. Eager for a new life, he leaves home to start over in his new dwelling. However, as he digs into his past, he soon uncovers the horrifying details of his father’s questionable teachings. The score is composed by Jonathan Bartz & Matthew Llewellyn.

Track List

2. Prelude 80
3. Frenetic Spirits 80
4. The Estate 60
5. Disturbances 80
6. Escape 80
7. Emma And Johnny 60
8. Finding The Letter 60
9. The Seance 100
10. The Neighbors 60
11. Raven 80
12. Souls Rising 60
13. Revelation 60
14. Unearthing The Past 80
15. Daniel Returns 60
16. Back To The House 60
17. Chaos Before The Storm 80
18. The Fifth Nail 60
19. The Final Sacrifice 80
20. I Am Home: Finale 80

Matthew Llewelyn and Jonathan Bartz are new names for me, but from what I have heard here, I can’t help but being impressed. It’s a bit of a traditional horror score, very melodic and very orchestral. Sometimes it gets to be a bit much and sometimes it underwhelms. Overall though, there’s enough good material here for horror film score fans to devour.

The opening cue ‘Prelude’ is a taste of what awaits. I sense a bit of Bernard Herrmann here and a bit of Psycho. Perhaps more so with ‘Frenetic Spirits’. It feels wonderfully fresh to hear such a score in this time and age. There’s a cue in the middle called ‘The Seance’ which is appropriately the centerpiece of the whole score. It’s so creepy that just listening to it gives me goosebumps. I can just imagine watching the seance unfold on camera while listening to this cue. This is really super horror scoring for me.


Dead Souls is a wonderful contribution to the world of horror scores. It sometimes feels like a classic horror score, but that’s not always a good thing. There are parts in this score that probably should have stayed with the classics, but the good cues that are in this score are worth the purchase alone for me.

GEEK SCORE: 71.5 (SGI: 912*)

*SGI is the current placement in the overall Soundtrack Geek Index (Lower number is better…)

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