Soundtrack Review: Death And The Maiden

Soundtrack Review: Death And The Maiden

Death And The Maiden Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Death And The Maiden by Wojciech Kilar.

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Roman Polanski’s 1994 thriller Death And The Maiden is about a woman who captures a man she thinks tortured her for the government and want a confession out of him. The composer is Wojciech Kilar and this review is part of Polish Film Music Composers month. Are you ready to enter a dark and gloomy world of music? Well you better get ready, because this is 24 minutes of just that. The exception might be ‘Paulina’s Theme’ which can be considered dark, but does have lighter elements and is the best cue on the score.

With only 24 minutes there’s not a lot to listen to, but it’s enough to get a perception on what the music for the movie is like. The score is not easy to listen to. It’s very tense, dark and brooding. It’s like a locked casket and no light gets in. The theme of not is Paulina’s theme, but that’s about it. The rest is just standard thriller material with dark piano, strings and occasional woodwinds. The exception might be ‘Paulina’s Secret’ which is a piano-only cue which is pretty good. ‘Roberto’s Last Chance’ has a bit of tango going on, thriller tango, but it still isn’t enough.

Dark thriller score enthusiasts might enjoy this, but I felt it is a bit underdeveloped. Perhaps the short length of the score has something to do with that.


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