Soundtrack Review: Deep In The Darkness

Soundtrack Review: Deep In The Darkness

Deep In The Darkness Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Deep In The Darkness by Matthew Llewellyn.

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20 tracks
46 minutes of score
Geek Score: 90
Total Minutes Of Excellence:19.95
Album Excellence: 43%
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I am happy to get to listen to another Matthew Llewellyn horror score. He impressed me with Dead Souls who he scored with Jonathan Bartz. Deep In The Darkness is another classic melodic horror fare with ties to the old horror masters. It’s refreshing to hear a horror score made like this these days where most horror scores seems to go the moody ambient route. Take the cue ‘Rise Of The Isolates’ for example, a traditional and superb action horror cue.

I really enjoy horror scores like this. It’s not particularly scary, apart from a few moments, but what it has is style and power. The orchestra speaks to you in wonderful ways and you’ll be impressed by it’s use. It quickly shift from thematic to scary moments and rarely does it bore you. I’m very excited for this score. It’s such a thrilling listen from start to finish. Llewellyn delivers another great horror score, and that’s what I’m expecting from him, also in the future.

3. Rise Of The Isolates
5. A Good Fit
9. Eyes In The Distance
10. They’re Coming For You
14. Page Returns
15. Ashborough Assimilation
16. We’re Not Going Back
18. The Swarm
19. Crawling For Jessica
20. Back Into The Light

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