Soundtrack Review: Diario Di Un Maestro

Soundtrack Review: Diario Di Un Maestro

Diario Di Un Maestro Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the television score Diario Di Un Maestro by Fiorenzo Carpi.

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Diario De Un Maestro AKA Diary Of A Teacher is a 1973 Italian television mini series directed by Vittorio De Seta and starring Bruno Cirino, Mico Cundari and Marisa Fabbri. A teacher has his first teaching experience in a run-down working-class suburb outside of Rome. The majority of students drop out so the teacher tries to find them and discovers the poor family situations they live in. He realises traditional teaching methods don’t work on these students and so he creates a new program based on resolving the students’ social problems. The class becomes a group which organises and self-finances itself. But these life lessons haven’t prepared the children for the exams and the school director forces him to give up his method during a tough meeting with him. The teacher returns home and goes through a period of crisis, but returns to the school in Rome. He realises he has chosen the right path when the students welcome him back affectionately. The score is composed by Fiorenzo Carpi.

The score opens with ‘Titoli’ and it’s very 70s to put it like that. It’s reminiscent of the pop music at that time Using guitar, bass, percussion and even flute. The theme isn’t too catchy, but its fast paced and I like the ostinato used in the second half of the cue. ‘Seq 2’ is a rather calm guitar piece at first, then a Hammond piano is used. The best part is still the flute at the very end. The theme is one of solace. In ‘Seq 3’ the main theme gets a reprise with the same pop structure. That’s it really. Once you have heard these these 2 themes, you are stuck with them for most of the score, and that’s what’s bothering me. I am not loving either of these themes. They are nice. I like the 70s soft pop style and all, but as a musical score, I’m pretty sure it’s not for me. If there were lyrics and these were made into songs, it would be a good pop album.

‘Seq 17’ is a little bit different and it has some new ideas while incorporating known ones in a distorted manner. It’s a strange cue that I don’t feel very excited about. ‘Seq 24’, and I can’t believe I’m mentioning this, but it’s the main theme played on harmonica, and that’ was so “different” I had to tell you about it. Seriously though, this is a 2 theme show from start to end. If you don’t love the themes, you are sadly restricted to them and there’s no way out, except you know… stop playing the score. As a review, I don’t have the luxury. Nah, this wasn’t a happy experience for me sadly. What do you think of the score?


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