Soundtrack Review: Dolphin Tale 2

Soundtrack Review: Dolphin Tale 2

Dolphin Tale 2 Soundtrack Review: This is a review of the film score Dolphin Tale 2 by Rachel Portman.

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19 tracks
49 minutes of score
Geek Score: 87,3
Total Minutes Of Excellence: 18.38
Album Excellence: 38%
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In 2011 Dolphin Tale came out and it had a score by Mark Isham. This family friendly drama had a decent score, nothing special. I did enjoy a few cues from that and it was a good listen. 3 years later, the sequel is ready with a score by Rachel Portman. The way the original score sounded, I could imagine how Portman’s score was going to be and that it wouldn’t sound a lot different from the original. It does sound like the original, but a more upbeat and light version. One could even call this one whimsical, but in the best possible way.

Yes, this is Portman at her whimsical best. The score is very lyrical and quite beautiful. I would say it’s taken quite a step up in the themes department compared to Isham’s original score. There are a couple of cues that really grabbed my attention, let’s call those 6 star cues. ‘Mandy’s Charts’ is such a tearjerker. It’s only a little bit over a minute long, but it’s so good. ‘Morning Show / Mavis’s Release’ is an inspirational powerhouse of a cue.

This was a lovely listening experience and I was even blown away a couple of times.

2. Mandy’s Release
3. Hazel’s Welcome Video / Rufus Steals A Bear
6. Mandy’s Charts
8. Morning Show / Mavis’s Release
9. McCarthy’s Watch Lesson
12. Like She Always Was / Media Circus
18. I’ll Come Back / Hazel On The Roof

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